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» Guitar Detailer
» Guitar Polish
» Guitar Wax
» The Guitar ONE
» Fretboard F-ONE Oil
» String Fuel
» Guitar Care Kit - 5pc.
» Guitar Care Kit - 3pc.
» Amp & Case Cleaner
» The Nomad Tool
» Cradle Cube Neck Support
» Instrument Work Mat
» Soundhole Humidifier
» Case Humidifier
» Humilele Uke Humidifier
» Humidity & Temp. Monitor
» Flannel Polishing Cloth
» Suede Polishing Cloth
» Guitar Detailing Towels
Music Nomad Drum Care
» Drum Detailer
» Cymbal Cleaner
» Drum Care Kit
» Drum-Cymbal Trial
» Drum Detailing Towels
music nomad guitar care
» Valve Oil
» Valve Oil Refill
» Trombone Slide Lube
» Bore Oil
» Silver Polish
» Lacquer Polish - Winds
» Polishing Cloth - Winds
» Polishing Cloth - Strings
music nomad guitar care
» The Piano ONE
» Key ONE
» Piano & Keyboard Cloth

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Guitar ONE

Guitar One

Product Story
The first Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly one step answer to effortlessly achieving a show perfect shine. An ultra slick, streak free, high shine gloss magnifier, organically formulated to clean, polish, wax and protect. The Guitar ONE is infused with white Brazilian carnauba wax that delivers an acoustically transparent durable shield with a high gloss shine that protects your instrument's finish. Musicians, repair shops, guitar techs, instrument makers and collectors around the world use our most popular guitar care polish, The Guitar ONE. We just made guitar care and maintenance easier, while not compromising on quality.

Our Story

Combining our passion for cleaning and helping musicians, MusicNomad Equipment Care Products deliver professional grade products to restore, maintain and protect your instrument. We bring together talent from around the world to help in making the best products for musicians. Every purchase automatically contributes money to help independent musicians through our advocacy website where thousands of musicians each month discover resources, tips and articles to help them in their music career.

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“Voted 1 of 20 Best Music Products in 2013 by US Dealers – Music Inc. Magazine”

Complete Guitar Maintenance
in ONE bottle

Clean, Polish, Wax & Protect
in ONE easy step

Pro Strength Formula

Proprietary Formulation

UV Protectants to Deter Sun Damage

Biodegradable Forumulation

Smells Great

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

Our Guarantee
If you don't like our product let us know and we will buy it back for 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings.

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