Fret Leveler

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Sizes Available

L-Beam 7"/18cm
L-Beam 17.6"/45cm
L-Beam 24"/61cm
Sandpaper - P240 Grit
Sandpaper - P400 Grit
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Product Story

Leveling your frets and fingerboard has never been easier with MusicNomad's Fret Leveler L-Beam. With three sizes to choose from, 7" (18cm), 17.6" (45cm), and 24" (61cm), no detail was overlooked from top to bottom in creating a new higher standard. Our unmatched thicker wall design lets the weight of the leveler do the work for you. Our exclusive ergonomic curved handle design gives you the ultimate comfort and control, plus helps avoid slipping out of your hand. Our radius beveled edges keep you from banging into and damaging high frets. Most importantly, the top and bottom smooth flat edges go through a 3-step precision grinding process with an accuracy tolerance of +/-.00125" per foot. We even include a convenient hang hole and three Adhesive-backed 3M™ Stikit™ Gold Abrasive strips, the preferred choice for top repair shops: (2) P240 Grit, (1) P400 Grit. That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care.   

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The Perfect 7" Fret Leveler for Guitar Spot Leveling & Creating Fall Away plus Ukulele & Mandolin


Chad Fitzpatrick, Sweetwater Guitar Workshop

The whole Guitar Shop team is excited about an affordable leveling beam!!! Really impressive quality!

Geoff Luttrell, Master Guitar Tech of SF and Sonoma County Guitarworks had this to say about our Fret Leveling L-Beams:

"Over the years I've used all the available leveling beams, including having them custom machined, and I think the L-Beams are the best ones out there. The hourglass design is easy to control and is comfortable in the hand and the length of the beams is spot on for the jobs I do. To prevent dinging frets, the edges are beveled, which is a nice touch. For ease of sandpaper removal, and ultimate accuracy, the sanding surfaces are beautifully machined. The weight is right, and they are really great to work with. They are my go-to beams for all my leveling jobs."

KC from New Port Richey, FL wrote a Sweetwater review on the Fret Leveler L-Beam:
Perfect for fretboard and fret leveling on guitars. Pretty much all my luthier tools are from Stew Mac which can be very expensive but MusicNomad has been on my radar. The shape of this leveler is very comfortable to my hand and cheaper compared to the competitors. I hope they continue to make luthier tools that affordable but also take it further with a better design.
Kevin Welch left this review on Amazon about our 17.6” Fret Leveling L-Beam:

Superb quality, easy to use, and performs great. I expected solid quality but was blown away by how well-made this product is. The ergonomics are comfortable and make leveling frets simple.

Product Features