The MusicNomad Story

We are not your ordinary Musical Equipment Care Company. Hi my name is Rand Rognlien, founder of MusicNomad.

For 15 years in the 90’s and 00’s as owner of a successful Car Care company, I passionately lived and breathed cleaning and care by using quality and innovation to develop over 100 Car Care products and become the market leader. But during this time, my love for Music was always pulling at me. While I kept playing guitar and bass in bands, it was just not enough. I filled many hours with listening to music and going to concerts and that was still not enough. I knew I wanted to follow another passion, Music.

So I gave it all up to start MusicNomad. I had a strong desire to help independent musicians, as I was once one. With very little help from music industry folks, independent musicians are left on their own to figure out how to make it in the music biz. I knew first hand about this. I figured if I could use the Internet to develop the most comprehensive resource guide to help musicians that would be great. So in 2008, I launched where musicians can discover thousands of ranked and reviewed resources to help them produce, sell and support their music. There are also hundreds of tips and articles to explore. With our goal to be authentic and passionate about helping musicians, we did not build in a lot of ways to make money with the website. It’s free for musicians to use everything we offer and that’s the way we will keep it.

As I pondered the best way to create revenue to accelerate the growth of MusicNomad and other projects to support musicians, I realized my passion for developing high quality and innovative cleaning and care products was still there. For the next year I worked with a team of cleaning and care experts from around the world with the goal to develop the highest quality Guitar and Drum Care products. We also set a goal to be environmentally friendly in what we developed without compromising quality.

Our year of extensive research started with testing all the existing cleaners, polishes and waxes in the music industry. There were many things we did not like about the existing products that we thought were very important to incorporate in our product line. We then developed proprietary formulations and tested them over and over with musicians, guitar and drum techs, and repair shops to perfect our state of the art product line. The feedback was amazing as we realized that the product feature and benefits that we built into our formulas were really needed in the marketplace. We used the highest quality ingredients such as White Brazilian Carnauba, added unique ingredients such as UV Protectants and Gloss Enhancers, and developed 100% non-toxic, non-abrasive ingredients. Our bottles are even made of 100% PET plastic, the most earth and human friendly recyclable plastic. And in the end it also smells GREAT as you have to use it so why not have it smell awesome.

We officially launched the line for Guitar & Drum Care in August 2010 and our product can now be found in over 4,000 dealers in over 50 countries. Every year we develop new equipment care products that are designed and engineered to be best in class or we don't develop it. Please visit our testimonials page to see the amazing feedback, awards, and accolades from many in the industry. We have been overwhelmed with the ongoing and amazing support we get on what we have and continue to create. Since 2010, we expanded our premium instrument care product offering to Band & Orchestra, Piano & Keyboards, Guitar String Changing Tools, Guitar Setup Tools, Guitar Fret Care Tools and more. Now musicians can experience over 120 industry leading products that are raising the bar in equipment care.

In addition, every purchase of our products automatically contributes money to help musicians as a portion of the proceeds goes to (1) various music non-profits that provide music instruments or music programs for kids in underserved communities, (2) fund where thousands of musicians each month discover resources, tips and articles to help them in their music career (3) other projects we feel can help musicians such as GuitarTracker that we launched in November 2013 that helps musicians, repair techs, etc keep track and maintain their instruments with our free web based app. In 2018, we launched ONE FOR MUSIC where 1% of our Sales we donate to music non-profits and programs that benefit musicians. 

We continue our focus and passion to provide remarkable products both today and in the future and we look forward to you experiencing why we are not an ordinary equipment care company. 


Rand Rognlien
Chief Musicians Advocate