Our Mission


Our Core Values and Beliefs

We started as a musician advocate organization and will always have programs to give back and help our music community.  

We must never forget we exist because of music and musicians and should enjoy and celebrate them. 

Our community of employees, customers and suppliers are critical to our success. 

Through teamwork and collaboration, our actions should lead us to work together to advance the company.

Our employees and organization are here to grow through creatively challenging the norm. 

We wake up every day passionately focusing 100% on equipment care products.

Through our unique combination of quality and innovation every product is designed and engineered to be best in class, or we will not come out with it. 

We must reduce waste wherever we can and build products that last longer (Recyclable, Re-useable, Repairable).  We believe the environment should sit at the table when we make choices. 


Our Purpose

To help musical equipment look, sound and play the best to the highest level for the enjoyment of both musicians and music fans.