Q: I have allergies to peanuts and other nuts, does F-ONE Oil contain nuts in the formula?

A: F-ONE Oil contains no nuts in our formula. We use a third party to make and bottle our F-ONE Oil Formula and can not guarantee that they are nut free facility so if you are extremely allergic to nuts we recommend you do not use F-ONE Oil. 


Q: What type of unfinished fretboard wood is F-ONE safe on?

A: We have yet to hear of one unfinished fretboard it does not work amazing on, even maple. For a more detailed list view our product advisor in the menu and many unfinished woods it has worked on is listed.


Q: How often should I use F-ONE?

A: The great thing about our petroleum free, lemon oil free, natural oil formulation we have, is it conditions for months. Lemon oil is petroleum based so it looks great for a few days and then starts to dry out the wood.  If you play every day then use F-ONE every 4 to 6 months. If you play just 1 to 2 times a week, use every 6-9 months.  Also, if your guitar is exposed to low humidity conditions you may need to do more often.


Q: Will F-ONE work on all unfinished instrument wood besides my fretboard?

A: Works great for unfinished wood bridges and tuning pegs.


Q: Does F-ONE contain any petroleum, lemon oil or silicone?

A: No


Q: My guitar body and back of the neck seem to be unfinished wood, will F-ONE work on them?

A: Often Matte finishes look unfinished but there is a seal in them that is hard to see. A seal of any kind over or in the wood will just block F-ONE from penetrating it and would not recommend it.


Q: The body of my guitar and back of the neck is for sure unfinished wood. Will F-ONE work on them?

A: Yes it will. Remember a little goes a long way with our oil and you don’t want the back of the neck feeling oily. Don’t overuse.


Q: Is your F-ONE formulation Vegan?

A: Yes


Q: I see a date on the bottle is that the expiration date?

A: No that is the date that we filled the bottle.


Q: What is the shelf life for this bottle?

A: Each bottle has a date marked on when we filled it. If stored at room temperature the shelf life should be 3 years, but for sure can last longer.  Always shake the bottle well before using. If it ever smells bad it may have gone bad. This is a natural product so if not stored at room temperature or if bacteria gets in it, it can go rancid. This is very rare and we will replace it at no charge if you bought it within 3 years of the date on the product, email us at info@musicnomad.com and give us the details.