Q: What finishes is Guitar ONE safe on?

A: Because it has a polish and wax it will shine up your instrument finish amazing. Thus we recommend using on gloss finishes and semi-gloss finishes only. Do not use on Matte finishes unless you want a shine. Also see below on gummy/soft nitro finishes.


Q: Is Guitar ONE safe on Nitro finishes?

A: It is safe if the Nitro finish is hard and not soft with any buildup. If it has buildup do not use any spray type product as it may mix in with the buildup and cloud it up. For soft and cloudy nitro use our Guitar Pro Strength polish.


Q: Will Guitar ONE clean my hardware and remove oxidation on my hardware?

A: It will do great for general cleaning on the hardware but no it will not work for oxidation removal, which needs a bit more abrasives. We have other products that address hardware oxidation such as Pro Strength Guitar Polish.


Q: What is the difference between the Guitar ONE (MN103) and the Guitar Polish (MN101), and which should I use?

A: The Guitar ONE (MN103) is an all-in-one cleaner, polish and wax. It is the perfect product for regular maintenance on a gloss finish, and it works well on Nitro and Poly finishes, leaving a mirror like shine. 

The Guitar Polish (MN101) is a paste polish for a deeper clean on gloss finish guitars. You can also use the Guitar Polish for your hardware to remove oxidation (please use caution on gold-plated hardware). 


Q: Should I clean my strings and unfinished fretboard with Guitar ONE?

A: No we have other products for String Cleaning (String Fuel) and unfinished fretboards (F-ONE Oil)


Q: How often should I use Guitar ONE?

A: If you play every day then once a week is great. If you play 1 to 2 times a week then once a month is great.


Q: My Guitar ONE bottle sprayer is not working.

A: Make sure you always shake before using as this product does contain small particles of polish and wax that can clog up sprayers. To remove the clog we recommend running hot water through it while using the pump to free up what is stuck. If that does not work, shoot us an email at info@musicnomad.com and we will send you a replacement sprayer.


Q: Is the Guitar ONE formulation Vegan?

A: Yes


Q: I see a date on the bottle is that the expiration date?

A: No that is the date that we filled the bottle.


Q: What is the shelf life for Guitar ONE?

A: Each bottle has a date marked on when we filled it. If stored at room temperature the shelf life should be 3 years, but for sure can last longer.  Always shake the bottle well before using it. If it ever smells rancid it may have gone bad. 


Q: Can I recycle my bottle?

A: Yes, our bottles are made out of PET, the most environmentally friendly plastic. PET is what water bottles are made of.