Q: What finishes is Guitar Wax safe on?

A: Because it is a wax it will shine up your instrument finish amazing. Thus we recommend using on gloss finishes and semi-gloss finishes only. Do not use on matte finishes unless you want a shine.


Q: When do I apply the Guitar Wax?

A: It is always the final step after you clean and/or polish your finish. You would then put on Guitar Wax for protection.


Q: Does Guitar Wax help remove or hide light scratches?

A: It will not remove scratches but will fill in and hide light scratches.


Q: How often do I apply Guitar Wax?

A: If you play every day then once a month you should clean first and then use Guitar Wax in the areas that you rub up against a lot like where you arm rests or back of the neck or back of the guitar. If you play once a week then every 3 months you would use Guitar Wax.


Q: How much Guitar Wax should I use when applying?

A: A little goes a long way. You just need 3 to 4 peanut size drops for each side of the guitar. Don’t overuse or will just be pushing around the wax. Work in sections, let it dry and haze and then buff off with a clean part of the cloth.


Q: Is your Guitar Wax formulation Vegan?

A: Yes


Q: I see a date on the bottle is that the expiration date?

A: No that is the date that we filled the bottle.


Q: What is the shelf life for this bottle?

A: Each bottle has a date marked on when we filled it. If stored at room temperature the shelf life should be 3 years, but for sure can last longer. Always shake the bottle well before using it.


Q: Can I recycle my bottle?

A: Yes, our bottles are made out of PET, the most environmentally friendly plastic. PET is what water bottles are made of.



Below is a list of ingredients in this product that we are required to disclose in compliance with all USA State and Federal regulations:

C12-14 IsoparafinSolvent/CleanerSolubilizes or dissolves at least one other substance to form a solution.
DMDM hydantoinPreservativeMakes the environment less favorable to the microorganisms.
Mono(hydroxymethyl)-5,5-dimethylimidazolidine-2,4-dionePreservativeMakes the environment less favorable to the microorganisms.
EugenolFragranceA naturally occurring component of fragrance oil.
C.I. Acid Violet 48DyeTo impart a color.