Q: What types of strings does String Fuel work on?

A: All Strings including nylon and coated. For nylon and coated strings it acts more as a lubricant (while still cleaning the top surface) and thus reducing finger noise and making sliding easier.


Q: How long will this last before I need to buy the refill?

A: If stored at room temperature it should last 750-1000 Swipes


Q: How does String Fuel help increase string life?

A: Your strings, especially ones made with metal will oxidize and corrode over time from exposure to the environment, sweat, finger oils and more. Dirt and grime also collect on your strings. String Fuel's innovative formulation is like no other and deep cleans the strings helping revitalize them to sound better and last longer.


Q: I just bought String Fuel and if feels dry. Did I get a bad one?

A: String Fuel brand new is not designed to be dripping wet. You should see that it is fully fueled up by pressing your finger on the pad and seeing a light oil residue. Also, out of the package it should weight around 60-62 grams when fully fueled up. Store at room temperature.


Q: I have been using String Fuel for a while and feel it’s dry now. What do I do?

A: Great news, we have a refill bottle at a low cost that will help refuel your String Fuel for many more months to come. It’s part number MN120 String Fuel Re-Fill.


Q: I love that String Fuel revitalizes my strings to last longer but I don’t like the light oil it leaves behind. What can I do?

A: Included inside the blue handle is a suede cloth that you can use to wipe off any oil residue or just use to wipe down after you play each time.


Q: How much oil do I put on the pad when using the re-fill?

A: Half the bottle if it’s a dry pad. If the pad is already lightly oiled do not over saturate, just enough so if you press on it with your finger you see a light oil residue on it.


Q: Is String Fuel prone to Darken pale fretboards?

A: It does clean and condition them and it is an oil so it can darken them some with no harm as it will evaporate over time. For the best way to clean and condition the fretboard we recommend our F-ONE Oil.


Q: Would you recommend using this product before & after playing your instrument?

A: You can use both times; before to have a smoother feel on the strings and minimize string squeaking then after to clean off finger oils and dirt to help stings last longer.


Q: Can you use this on tapewound strings?

A: Yes


Q: Would this be good to use on coated strings?

A: Yes, still cleans and lubricates. Can also help the coating last longer.


Q: Can i use this for violins strings?

A: Yes, it will also clean rosin off.


Q: Does this change the tone of a set of strings, kind of like a coating would change it?

A: It will not change the tone on new or worn strings except improve tone and the strings will sound newer, while helping with sustain and response time.


Q: The pad is really dirty; can I clean the string fuel pad?

A: The String Fuel pad is not meant to be cleaned but you can easily pull out the pad and flip it around to use the other clean side.