Q. How do I install this?

A. Simply remove the jack end cap by turning counter-clockwise and replace it with the Acousti-Lok strap lock adapter. Spin clockwise until the Acousti-Lok is snug tight. Like the picture on the front of the package, the strap button should be aimed upward or angled slightly back toward your body when the guitar is in playing position. If Acousti-Lok does not spin snug tight to the recommended position it’s ok to apply a little force to spin it further. If the jack feels too tight to spin without applying excessive force, it will be necessary to loosen and reposition the jack. To insure a successful installation, make sure the jack is tightened securely to the guitar before installing Acousti-Lok. Acousti-Lok was not designed to be used on recessed or flush mount jacks. See 3 step photo in photo gallery on main page for this item for more details.


Q. How do I tell if I have a Metric or Standard Output Jack?  

A. It's difficult for us to say definitively which size your guitar will take. Most manufacturers change systems over the years and have used both on their factory installs. There are also many guitars with an aftermarket pickup installed and if you purchased the guitar from a previous owner it'll take a little effort to figure it out. Here are some tips to help. 

1. Your existing jack end cap that unscrews will have either a flat top surface found on most standard jacks or a slightly rounded top surface found on most metric jacks

2. Contact the guitar manufacturer and ask them to give you output jack spec(standard or metric) or the brand. The two most popular output jack brands are SWITCHCRAFT® that uses a standard size jack and LR BAGGS® that uses a metric size jack

3. Use a micrometer to measure the Outside Diameter of the output jack with the jack end cap off. The standard jack measures approximately 9.3mm and the metric jack measures approximately 8.75mm. A noticeable difference when using a micrometer. 

4. If you or a friend have a guitar with a system that you know is a FISHMAN® or LR BAGGS® you can remove that cap and try to install it on the guitar in question. FISHMAN® threads match up with the Standard Acousti-Lok and LR BAGGS® threads match up with the Metric Acousti-Lok.

5. You can look inside the guitar with a flashlight and inspection mirror to see if there are and markings on an internal preamp or barrel jack cover. Many of these parts are branded.

6. MARTIN® Guitars tend to have a FISHMAN® system installed from the factory. The Standard thread Acousti-Lok is your best bet.

    GIBSON® has used both Metric and Standard jacks.

    BREEDLOVE® guitars tend to have LR BAGGS® pickups installed from the factory.


Q. Will Acousti-Lok work on my acoustic bass, ukulele and other string instruments with this problem?

A. It will work if it has the output jack specification listed on the product page.  


Q. Will this work on recessed or flush mount jacks? 

A. No


Q. Will the end of my strap block the output jack?

A. The amount of extra material that goes beyond the strap pin opening on a guitar strap varies considerably. While this material may seem to partially block the output jack opening, it is flexible and can rest against or lay over the guitar cable with no issue. If you’re running into an issue with your strap you may be able to trim the end of the strap, depending on how it’s made. Also, consider using a right angle plug into your guitar if you’re not doing so already. That may allow a longer strap end to rest over the jack once it’s plugged in. Acousti-Lok was designed to be as stealth and unobtrusive as possible while serving its ultimate purpose, securing the strap to the guitar with strap locks. A longer or larger design may not fit into some guitar cases as well and would protrude further off the guitar.


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