Q. How Do I Install this?

A. Using the 7/64” Allen Key provided unscrew the machine screw in the strap lock button to separate the parts. Place the keyhole ring over the end pin and slide it to the narrow end of the opening. Slip the plastic cover plate into place with its forked end wedged under the strap lock button flange and line up the screw holes. Reinstall the strap lock button using the Allen key and firmly tighten. Acousti-Lok does not block the battery cartridge. Will not fit TAYLOR® Guitars original AA battery powered EXPRESSION SYSTEM®. If the plastic cover plate won’t slip into place, the strap pin flange may be slightly bent. Rotate the Acousti-Lok to try it from different directions. If necessary, sand the underside slightly on a flat surface just until it’s thin enough to slip into place.


Q. Will this work on the original AA battery powered EXPRESSION SYSTEM® by TAYLOR® Guitars?

A. No. The internal shape of the AA strap button is curved and not as open as the 9v strap buttons. You could consider having the system updated to a 9v system. Contact TAYLOR® for details.


Q. I have a TAYLOR® Guitars but I don’t know which Acousti-Lok to buy? 

A. If your guitar has a 9v battery box like we show on the packaging, the 2.0 will work. Models built in the 90's and early 2000's with the slider controls mounted on the body have systems made by FISHMAN® and the Standard 1.0 will work.


Q. Will this work on recessed or flush mount jacks? 

A. No


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