Q: How Do I Install this?

A: Determine which button you want to use: Strap Lock Adapter or QuickSecure™ button and make sure in place. (Step 1) The output jack must first be unplugged from the internal preamp, unscrewed and removed. (Step 2) Run the jack cable through the center opening of Acousti-Lok and back into the guitar, felt side against the guitar. The jack mounting plate rests in the recessed portion of Acousti-Lok and the multiple mounting screw holes allow you rotate to the best position. The strap button should be aimed upward or angled slightly back toward your body when the guitar is in playing position. (Step 3) Run the same screws that held the jack in place back through the jack and Acousti-Lok mounting holes and tighten. Plug jack back into the internal preamp and secure wire in place.

Q: Which pickups are compatible with the 3 screw jacks/end pins?

A: Specifically Designed for 3 Screw Output Jacks & Endpins found on TAYLOR® Guitars with ES-B™ or ES-Go™, TAYLOR® GS Mini® without Electronics, TAKAMINE® Guitars, YAMAHA® Guitars and many others that use this style jack. If your output jack is similar to the one in the photos, round and held in place by three screws, it will most likely fit.


Q: Where should the Acousti-Lok strap button be pointing to be in the ideal position?

A: The Acousti-Lok must be snug tight on the output jack and strap button be pointed back to the player when in the playing position. Depending on the size of your gut, the strap button should be pointing somewhere between the 9:00-11:00 position. 


Q: What are the 2 'n 1 button options?

A: Determine which button you want to use: Strap Lock Adapter or QuickSecure™ button. The smaller side button is the SCHALLER® style strap lock button that you would use to give you the option to use strap locks on your acoustic guitar. If you don’t want to use strap locks but need a quick, safe way to secure your strap you will unscrew and reverse the button to use our innovative QuickSecure™ "mushroom-style" button that we designed to make it easier to slide your strap over and be securely held in place while you play.

Q: Will the end of my strap block the output jack?

A: The amount of extra material that goes beyond the strap pin opening on a guitar strap varies considerably. While this material may seem to partially block the output jack opening, it is flexible and can rest against or lay over the guitar cable with no issue. If you’re running into an issue with your strap you may be able to trim the end of the strap, depending on how it’s made. Also, consider using a right angle plug into your guitar if you’re not doing so already. That may allow a longer strap end to rest over the jack once it’s plugged in. Acousti-Lok was designed to be as stealth and unobtrusive as possible while serving its ultimate purpose, securing the strap to the guitar with strap locks. A longer or larger design may not fit into some guitar cases as well and would protrude further off the guitar.


Q: Do I have to buy Schaller brand strap locks to be compatible with Acousti-Lok?

A: No. You can use Schaller brand strap locks, or one of the many copies of their original design that are readily available. Here are several options:

Grover Strap Locks


Available in four colors: Black - GP800B, Nickel - GP800N, Chrome - GP800C, Gold - GP800G

Fender Strap Locks


Available in three colors: Black - Model #: 0990690006, Chrome - Model #: 0990690000, Gold - Model #: 0022043049

Note: “Fender ‘F’ Strap Locks” are a completely different design and not compatible.

Guitar Center’s Proline Brand Strap Locks


Available in three colors: Black - Item #1275860129318, Nickel - Item #1275860129329, Gold - Item #1275860129634

Framus & Warwick - S-Style Security Lock System


Available in five colors: Black - SP 30315 SB, Gold - SP 30316 SG, Chrome - SP 30318 SC, Satin Chrome - SP 30317 SS, Nickel - SP 30319 SN



TAYLOR®, GS Mini®, ES-B™, ES-Go™, TAKAMINE®, YAMAHA®, SCHALLER® and all other third party brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. Music Nomad LLC is not affiliated with those owners, nor claims ownership of those marks.