Q: What is this conversion kit compatible with?

The MN274 QuickSecure™ conversion kit is compatible with existing Acousti-Lok part numbers MN270, MN271 & MN272 to allow you to convert into a non-strap lock button.


Q: Why do I need to buy this?

A: You should only be considering this if you are looking for a non-strap lock strap solution and already have an existing Acousti-Lok. The current strap button on the MN270, MN271, MN272 is designed to be used as a strap lock button. You can opt not to use a strap lock and just slide your strap over the existing button, but this will not give you total comfort that the strap will not fall off. So....we designed our innovative QuickSecure™ "mushroom-style" button to make it easier to slide your strap over and be securely held in place while you play.
This is a more secure non-strap lock solution than the existing button that comes standard on the MN270, MN271, MN272.


Q: How Do I Install this?

A: Use the included 7/64" Allen key to loosen and remove the original strap lock button. Install the QuickSecure™ button large side up using the included screw with a Phillips head screwdriver and firmly tighten.