Q: What does “LL” & "HH"mean?

A: The HumiReader reads a humidity range of 20% - 99% and temperature range of 32 F - 122 F / 0 C - 50 C, if your humidity or temperature are below those ranges the reader will readout “LL”, if they are above those ranges the reader will read out "HH".


Q: How do I reset the Min/Max? 

A: You can reset your Min/Max anytime by holding the Min/Max button down for 3 seconds. 


Q: I need to replace the battery, what do I buy?

A: You will need a AG13 battery.


Q: Can you calibrate the HumiReader?

A: No, it is calibrated at the factory to function with a +/-3% accuracy.


Q: My screen won’t turn on, what can I do to fix?

A: First, replace the battery with a new AG13 battery.  If the screen still does not turn on, ensure the negative side of the battery is facing down into the unit and the positive side is facing you.  If the screen still does not come on, sometimes the contact gets bent and the battery is no longer making contact to power the screen, push battery down and see if the screen illuminates.  If so, fold up a small piece of paper/foam and place on positive side of battery.  Slide the battery door shut, this will allow the battery to make proper contact and illuminate the screen.