Q: Is the Humitar ONE measuring the humidity within the body of the guitar or the humidity of the room?

A: When mounted in the sound hole of a guitar within a closed guitar case, the sensors are measuring and displaying the humidity from within the body of the guitar.  With a closed guitar case there is minimal air flow, therefore, the sensor is only reading the humidity from within the body of the guitar, not the entire case.

If you have the guitar wall mounted in open air, the sensor will be reading a mixture of humidity exiting the sound hole and humidity of the open-air environment that is also passing over the sensor.


Q. My sponge looks like it has mold on it, is there a way to clean the sponge?

A. Make sure you are using distilled water. It is not normal for the sponge to create what sounds like mold. Make sure your work area is clean. Mold can be transferred very easily via:

1. airborne mold transfer in the room or case (often times if you see dirt settling on the sponge in a mirror shape as the slats on the case holder that is a sign that your guitar is exposed to potentially dirty air transferring to the sponge.)

2. dirty hands transferring it to the sponge.

There is a successful home remedy that you can use to remove the mold spots on the sponge, and it is also important to clean the Humitar Case to avoid any further issues.


  • Submerge product in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, wringing out multiple times to ensure all solution is removed. If stains or odor should still be evident, soak in a 5:1 solution (5 parts water for 1 part liquid bleach) for about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, wringing out multiple times to ensure all solution is removed. Let dry before filling with distilled water. Note: Product color may alter slightly.

Humitar Case:

  • Submerge case in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 20 minutes. Pull out and scrub all surfaces with toothbrush style brush, rinse with water, wipe clean and let dry.


Q: What does "LL" & "HH" mean on the LCD Display?

A: The Hygrometer reads a humidity range of 20% - 99% and temperature range of 32 F - 122 F / 0 C - 50 C, if your humidity or temperature are below those ranges the reader will readout "LL", if they are above those ranges the reader will read out "HH".


Q. My sponge is hard and will not saturate water, what do I do?

A. You will need to heat up your distilled water and let the sponge soak in the water warm. With cleans hands massage the warm water in the sponge to help saturate the sponge.


Q. Can I purchase replacement sponges?

A. Yes, Replacement Humitar (MN301) are available through Sweetwater, Musician's Friend and many other online retailers and local stores. 


Q: My screen won’t turn on, what can I do to fix?

A: First, replace the battery with a new AG13 battery.  If the screen still does not turn on, ensure the negative side of the battery is facing down into the unit and the positive side is facing you.  If the screen still does not come on, sometimes the contact gets bent and the battery is no longer making contact to power the screen, push battery down and see if the screen illuminates.  If so, fold up a small piece of paper/foam and place on positive side of battery.  Slide the battery door shut, this will allow the battery to make proper contact and illuminate the screen.