Q: What is the general rule for what size file I need for a certain string size?
A: The general rule is that the file should be the same size as the string, up to no more than .003” larger than the string. In other words, for a .046” low E string, you can usually use the .046” File and not the .050” file. If you go much larger, the slot can become so large that the string vibrates in the slot, causing a buzz. If you use a file smaller than the string, the slot will be too tight, causing tuning issues.


Q: How long will the file last?
A: Generally speaking, it should last a minimum of 3000 strokes, but can cut well beyond that. Typically you cut with the leading edge of the diamond coated blade, so it ever gets dull make sure that there is no debris stuck in the coating which you can clean out with a toothbrush. That is usually the reason it does not cut as well. If it still is dull after cleaning and you have been primarily using the leading/front half of the blade when cutting, you can remove the tip of the handle and rotate the blade 180 so the back part of the blade is now the front and this will give you a brand new cutting surface that should give you an additional 3000 cutting strokes.


Q: Are there replacement blades to buy?
A: The majority of the cost is in the diamond coated blade and they should last a lifetime for most people so we do not sell replacement diamond coated blades.


Q: I am buying 6 files that are not in a recommenced set, can I get one of those nice gold cases?
A: We are sorry but we are unable to manage custom packs like that, and only sell the gold cases with the part numbers that show it comes with.