Q: What is the general rule for what size file I need for a certain string size?

A: The general rule is that the file should be the same size as the string, up to no more than .003" - .004" larger than the string size and for bass strings you can run your nut file size up to .005" larger than the string size. In other words, for a .026" string you would use the .028" file; for .011" string you use the .013" file; for the .080" string you use the .085" file and so on. If you go much larger, the slot can become so large that the string vibrates in the slot, causing a buzz. If you use a file smaller than the string, the slot will be too tight, causing tuning issues.


Q: I’ve noticed the nut material clogging up the diamond file and it feels dull and is not cutting as well. How do I clean the blade?

A: Using a stiff bristle brush along with a mixture of mild soap and water will clean the files. Dry the blade after cleaning. 


Q: Are there replacement blades to buy?

A: The majority of the cost is in the diamond coated blade and they should last a lifetime for most people so we do not sell replacement diamond coated blades.


Q: I am buying 6 files that are not in a recommenced set, can I get one of those nice gold cases?

A: We are sorry but we are unable to manage custom packs like that, and only sell the gold cases with the part numbers that show it comes with.


Q: I bought a 16 pc nut file set in 2021 and it did not come with a case like you show pictured on your website, what happened?

A: When we first introduced the 16 pc nut file set in Early 2021 we did not include a case. We decided in fall 2021 to add a case and cleaning brush and increased the cost to cover this. We also sell the case by itself for those that would like to have one. What you paid for the set initially without the case was lower in price than the nut file set with the case. 


Q: I filed my nut slot with the proper size nut file, and it is still a bit tight in the slot and pings when tuning. What should I do?

A: You're in luck. We have a video showing a technique called rolling the file that can help solve your issue. https://youtu.be/atzYl-TlIZA

You would roll the file slightly to the right and put a bit of pressure going down the left wall of the nut slot and stop when you get to the bottom of the slot as to not go any lower. You would then roll the file slightly to the left and put a bit of pressure going down the right wall of the nut slot and stop when you get to the bottom of the slot as to not go any lower. It's important you do not want to open the slot too much or make the slot lower. You can also use MusicNomad's Tune It in the nut slots as a lubricant. 

Q: How far should my strings sit above the nut slots once filed to the proper height?

A: The strings sit above the nut about 1/4”