What are guitar players from beginners to pros saying about the KEEP IT SIMPLE SETUP (KISS)™ System and our Gauges and Tools? With our FREE how-to videos by task, full setup videos by brands and instructional booklet in 7 languages, anyone can set up their guitar or bass to play and sound great!  

Reviews/Comments found on our How-To Videos 

"Thank you for the tutorial. I am a new bassist and found your starting kit bundle a great value to have everything I need and this walkthrough makes me feel confident in setting up my basses." From SwashBuccaneer

"This is absolutely the best and the most comprehensive instructional video on how to set up a bass guitar better than most guitar techs in local music shops. Thank you for being this precise and sharing your vast knowledge freely. Following your video, I setup my Fender J Bass for the first time so it is absolutely perfect in terms of playability and intonation." From MrlrekK

"I don't think I can ever thank you guys enough for this video! My Tele now feels, plays and sounds like it's ready to make a platinum record!" From Pariah Gaming

"Excellent video!! I set up one of my Strats this weekend by following your video & it worked perfectly! I've tried setups before, but could never get them quite right. Thanks for putting this together for us." From Stratplayr

"Thank you guys so much for doing this! Did my own setup now thanks to your tutorials, and for the first time in a while i'm enjoying my guitar again." From Joey Binz

"Wow I just setup an Ibanez Talman with all of the tools except the files which I have ordered for my Les Paul. I followed the video to a T and Wala! it has actually made me sound like a better player by making the guitar play better and sound better. Thanks for the Video it's a great help!" From D. Davis.

"I completely re-setup 4 of my electric guitars from the first step using your KISS method and WOW what a difference! Intonation is spot on and the guitars all play in perfect tune all the way up and down the neck. Getting the nut filed/set correctly was huge and even the truss rod was off on all of them! Knowledge is power so thank you for putting these easy to understand videos and a great set of tools to do this with." Youtube comment from drfonta

Reviews/Comments found Online

"I am very pleased with these tool kits. The tools are good quality and are nicely organized in the cases. Coupled with the clear instructions, I found I had everything I needed to successfully do my first guitar setup. My tele never felt so good." Online Sweetwater review for the KISS Starter Setup Kit

"Getting the occasional set-up done by a professional wasn't bad when I only had 1 guitar but once I caught GAS I needed a way to save some money. This kit was it. Using the videos on the Sweetwater site I was able to use this kit and learn how to do my own set-ups without worrying too much about messing something up." Online Sweetwater review for the KISS Starter Setup Kit

"The tools were just what I was looking for and the video on You-Tube was a great help for setting up my own guitar." Online Sweetwater review for the KISS Starter Setup Kit

"I bought a new Gibson Les Paul Tribute. Took it to a guy for setup and he did a poor job. I got this kit and it helped. If you follow the steps and videos on YouTube you can do this. Just take your time. Pays for itself if you have more than one guitar that needs setup." Online Amazon review for our KISS 6 pc. Gauge Set

"Having decided to start doing my own maintenance and setup work, I was looking to start building a kit of tools and supplies to get the job done. I was initially just looking for a string height gauge, but this set caught my eye and I'm glad it did. The included booklet is a great reference to go back to help remember the steps. I've had very limited experience doing this work before and I have been able to get my American Standard Telecaster and Player Series P-Bass playing better than ever!" Online Sweetwater review for our KISS 6 pc. Gauge Set

"You can't go wrong buying this kit. And if you have never done your own setups, it actually comes with a booklet that tells you how. It's so simple and... you can save money in the future and keep those instruments playing in tip top shape. I would give it 20 stars if it would let me." Online Sweetwater review for our KISS 6 pc. Gauge Set

"Every player should have this it opened my mind up to what’s really going on from the tuners to the bridge. I had never set up a guitar before and did my Les Paul in a couple hours. Holds time better and plays like a dream." Online Amazon review for our KISS 6 pc. Gauge Set

"I’m a fan! I've parted together 5 guitars over the past 10 years, and like many arts, it’s been a lot of learning on my own. The step by step instructions were easy to read, and the gauges and tools feel solid. I was able to learn a lot more from these tools, and take both my set up skills and the feel of my instruments to new heights. Money well spent." Online Amazon review for our KISS 6 pc. Gauge Set

"Every guitar player, regardless of level, NEEDS this kit!" Online Amazon review for our KISS 6 pc. Gauge Set

"I'm super impressed with the clarity of instructions and quality of the measures included in this kit. The gauges are built with precision and easy to use, with instructions written directly on them. The included instruction booklet is really idiot proof and takes you step by step through the basics of setup. I've never had my Strat playing this easily or sounding this in tune. The best part is it takes all the anxiety and confusing online instructions out of the equation. I now understand not only how to do a setup but how the setup actually affects my sound." Online Sweetwater review for our KISS 6 pc. Gauge Set

 "Bought the whole kit, gauges, truss rod wrench set, screwdriver set and nut files. Did my first full setup on a brand new Ibanez axion RG and I’ve never played anything better, this measurement tool was great to get a baseline, then followed the radius gauge, then dialed up slightly to eliminate some minor buzz. Great stuff." Facebook Comment for our Setup Starter Kit and Nut Files