More videos of the entire setup process by brand are coming soon including popular brands like PRS, FENDER P-BASS and more. 

Perform Setup By Guitar Brand

Fender P-Bass - How to Setup your Bass Guitar, Step-by-Step
Fender Stratocaster - How to Setup your Electric Guitar with Individually Adjustable Saddles, Step-by-Step
Fender Telecaster (Tele) - How to Setup your Guitar, Step-by-Step
Gibson Les Paul - How to Setup your Electric Guitar with a Fixed Radius Bridge, Step-by-Step.
How to Setup an Archtop Jazz Guitar, such as D'angelico, Benedetto, Eastman, Gibson L-5 & Gretsch
Paul Reed Smith (PRS) - How to Setup your Electric Guitar, Step-by-Step
Taylor Guitar - How to Setup your Acoustic Guitar


More Videos Coming Soon!