Product Demo & How-To Advice

Finish Care

Best String Instrument Neck Support Cradle for Changing Strings & Maintenance
How to Clean & Polish a High Gloss Acoustic Guitar
How to Clean & Polish a High Gloss Electric Guitar
How to Clean & Polish a Polyurethane Guitar Finish
How to Clean & Polish Nitrocellulose (Nitro) Guitar Finishes
How to Clean a Satin/Matte Acoustic Guitar Finish
How to Clean and Care for your Ukulele
How To Use Guitar One
How To Use Pro Strength Guitar Polish
The Nomad Tool Set - The Original Nomad Tool & The Nomad Slim by MusicNomad
What is the Best Guitar Polishing Cloth?

Fretboard Care

How to Clean & Condition an Unfinished Ebony or Rosewood Bridge
How to Clean & Condition an unfinished Maple Fretboard
How to Clean & Polish your Frets with FRINE Fret Polish
How to Clean & Polish your Frets with the FRINE Fret Polishing Kit
How to clean and condition a Rosewood Fretboard
How to Clean and Condition an Ebony Fretboard

Hardware Care

How to Clean & Polish Guitar Hardware (pickups, fretwire, tuning pegs, etc)
How to Clean & Polish Oxidized Pickups
How to use Fretboard & Fingerboard GRIP Guards to Protect your Fretboard
Premium Spanner Wrench for Guitars by MusicNomad - Teaser Review
The Octopus 17 'n 1 Tech Tool
The Octopus 8 'n 1 Tech Tool by MusicNomad in Action

String Care

GRIP Bit Winder Attachment (Teaser-Coming Dec. 2016)
GRIP Peg Winder in Action (Teaser-Coming Dec. 2016)
GRIP Winder is Faster & Better then a Battery Powered Winder
How to Change Your Guitar Strings Fast, Easy and Safe with the GRIP Peg Winder
How to Change your Strings with GRIP Bit - Peg Winder Drill Bit Attachment
How to Clean & Lubricate your Guitar Strings with String Fuel
How to cut your Guitar or Bass Strings with our Grip Cutter
How to stay in tune longer & reduce sting breakage using TUNE IT
How to use Nomad Tool to Clean Strings
How to use String Fuel Refill
Premium Work Station - Work Mat & Neck Support

Humidifier Care

How to Humidify a Guitar Case (Electric & Acoustic Guitar Humidifier)
How to Humidify a Small Instrument Case i.e. Violin
How to Humidify a Ukulele
How to safely humidify an acoustic guitar
How to use the HumiReader to Measure the Humidity & Temperature
Which acoustic guitar humidifier humidifies the longest & is safest

Amp/Case Care

How to Clean, Condition & Restore your Tolex Guitar Amp
How to Clean, Shine & Restore your Instrument Case

Drum/Cymbal Care

How to Use our Cymbal Cleaner
How to Use our Drum Detailer

Band & Orchestra Care

How to Clean & Polish Brasswind Lacquer Finish Instruments
How to Clean & Polish Silver and Silver Plated Musical Instruments
How to Oil your Trumpet Valves
How to use Bore Oil for Musical Instruments
How to use T-Slide Lubricant on your Trombone Slide

Piano & Keyboard Care

How to Clean Keyboards, Digital Pianos & Acoustic Pianos