Amp & Case Cleaner and Conditioner

Item Number: MN107  -  4 oz. (120ml)

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Cleans & Conditions

Restores & Protects for Months

Great for Tolex, Vinyl, Rubber and Leather

100% Non Abrasive

100% Dry to Touch

UV Protectant Added to Deter Sun Damage

Embeds Itself in Fiber of Tolex, Vinyl, Rubber and Leather

Creates Moisture Resistant Barrier

Does Not Attract Dust Because it is Not Greasy

Smells Great

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

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Product Story

Just buy a new or used amp? Looking to restore your old amp to a like new shine? Clean, condition, preserve & shine your amp or case with our special formula. It works great on all tolex, leather, vinyl & rubber AMPS, CASES, DRUM CHAIRS & ELECTRONIC RUBBER PADS and delivers a long lasting dry to touch new shine finish. Our proprietary formula embeds itself safely in fibers of leather, vinyl & rubber creating a moisture resistant barrier. It does not attract dust because it is non greasy. We even add UV protectants. This product contains no harsh chemicals and is 100% non abrasive.


MN107 FAQs

Product Demo & How-To Advice

How to Clean, Condition & Restore your Tolex Guitar Amp
How to Clean, Shine & Restore your Instrument Case


Dave Smart (Smart Guitars) a well trusted and respected UK luthier/repair centre said

Having been in the guitar repair and sales business for nearly 30 years I can honestly say that I've never come across a better guitar cleaning and maintenance range than MusicNomad. Every product more than lives up to it's promises. Not only that, they're eco friendly and smell great too!

Ted Sieminski a musician emailed us about our Amp & Case Cleaner and Conditioner

I used your Amp & Case cleaner on my amp collection. It leaves the amps in like new condition with a nice natural finish, unlike the Armor-all type finishes. It works well with my AMPEG's Diamond blue covering and my old Gibson's heavy burlap style covering not to mention Fender styles.


MN107 FAQs