Premium Work Station Neck Support and Work Mat

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Safe and sturdy system for repair and maintenance on your guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, violin, and other stringed instruments

Large 36-inch x 17-inch work mat features high-performance, textured, anti-slip surface to improve traction

Neck cradle has five angles and heights for a custom fit for any instrument

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Product Story

MusicNomad’s Premium Work Mat and 5-in-1 Cradle Cube neck support will help you do repairs and maintenance on your string instrument safely and securely. Laying your instrument on a towel or directly on a hard surface may cause it to become damaged, but the large, high-performance work mat is made specifically for musical instruments. Developed using a special TPE material that is safe on all finishes, the work mat is odorless and contains no rubber, PVC, lead, latex, dioxins, or chloride. The specially designed, textured, anti-slip surface provides traction while you work, and is durable yet soft to help avoid scratching your prized instrument. The Cradle Cube neck support features five varying heights and angles, providing the perfect companion to the work mat for doing repairs and maintenance. Made of an innovative gel material, the Cradle Cube gently yet fully supports either side of the neck. MusicNomad has developed a better way to work on your musical instrument.

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Best String Instrument Neck Support Cradle for Changing Strings & Maintenance
Premium Work Station - Work Mat & Neck Support


Hugh Thomas from 13th Street Guitars, a well respected repair shop had this to say about our Cradle Cube:
So we've been using these Cradle Cubes throughout the shop for the past week. Everyone loves them. You guys put a lot of thought into the various heights and also the flat sides for laying guitars strings-side-down. This has proven to be much more effective than all of the home made wooden neck rests we've made here. The rubberized coating is nice and grippy without sticking. Preliminary testing shows it cleans up pretty well, too. We normally use cork, but it is porous and absorbs fine metal shavings, dirt, etc.. and needs to replaced from time to time. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of a neck rest.
Chris at Third Coast Guitar Service, one of the most respected repair shops in the world, had this to say about our Premium Work Mat:

"We just started using the MusicNomad mat about a month ago and now it is on every guitar bench in our shop. With 10 techs working on over 100 guitars per week, we needed something that has a good grip, but wouldn't bite into finishes. The MusicNomad mat is perfect for what we do. They're a good size, long enough to reposition the guitar in a neck rest without repositioning the mat.  It's easy to dump debris off, brush it off, or vacuum it off.  It's easy to see and remove globs of solder, screws, wire etc that might scratch a guitar.  Impervious to naptha, acetone and zip kicker."