Cradle Cube - String Instrument Neck Support

Item Number: MN206

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Patented Innovative Functional Design

5 Angles & Heights for a Custom Fit

Soft Gel Support

Safe on All Finishes

Change Strings Quicker

Full Support to the Back & Front of the Neck

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Product Story

Forget using a pillow or your lap to support your string instrument while you work. MusicNomad has developed a better way to work on your string instrument. The 5-in-1 Cradle Cube neck support rest is made of an innovative soft gel material to gently yet fully support either side of the neck. With 5 varying heights and angles, it works great for care of all string instruments—acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, violins, banjos, mandolins and more. Safe on all instrument finishes, our Cradle Cube helps you change strings quicker and do repairs and maintenance in a secure and sturdy way.

Product Demo & How-To Advice

Best String Instrument Neck Support Cradle for Changing Strings & Maintenance


Hugh Thomas from 13th Street Guitars, a well respected repair shop had this to say about our Cradle Cube:
So we've been using these Cradle Cubes throughout the shop for the past week. Everyone loves them. You guys put a lot of thought into the various heights and also the flat sides for laying guitars strings-side-down. This has proven to be much more effective than all of the home made wooden neck rests we've made here. The rubberized coating is nice and grippy without sticking. Preliminary testing shows it cleans up pretty well, too. We normally use cork, but it is porous and absorbs fine metal shavings, dirt, etc.. and needs to replaced from time to time. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of a neck rest.
Musician Justin W. had this to say about our Cradle Cube neck support:

The Cradle Cube has instantly become a necessity. Best accessory created since the string winder. I seriously can't believe I ever got along with out this!