Cymbal Cleaner - Acid Free Cleaner, Polisher, Protectant for Brilliant Finishes

Item Number: MN111  -  8 oz. (240ml)

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Acid Free

Cleans & Polishes & Protects

Pro Strength Formula

Restores Shine

No Harsh Caustic Chemicals

Micro Fine Polishing Powder

Proprietary Forumlation

Leaves Protectant Layer that Reduces Oxidation

Smells Great

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

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Product Story

The stage lights come on and the glare of your cymbals mesmerizes the crowd. How smart you are for using MusicNomad's cymbal cleaner before the show. Our acid free, proprietary formulation is like no other product on the market for cleaning, restoring, polishing & protecting your cast and sheet bronze brilliant cymbals. Works great for proper cymbal care or your prized Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Meinl and other cymbal makers. We combine state-of-the-art cleaners with cutting edge formulation, resulting in unmatched performance and protection. It is fast in cutting through layers of dulling oxides and restoring a brilliant eye glaring polished shine. It even leaves behind an invisible protectant layer that reduces oxidation. This should not be used on traditional finishes unless you want them shiny. This product contains NO harsh caustic chemicals. 


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How to Use our Cymbal Cleaner


Drummer Ben Butterworth had this to say about our cymbal cleaner:

To whom it may concern at musicnomad I’ve been a drummer for 15 years tried ever cymbal cleaning product...... To my surprise was a little iffy about your product so bought it a week ago and have cleaned about 16 of my cymbals even one that I haven’t been able to get to look like the day it was bought..... I’m sold and hooked on your product the very best I’ve ever used period no joke you will have a customer for life!!!! I even have some mini hats I bought new never hit or touched and they look better now than when I bought them!!!! Outstanding product thank you from one metal head to another. 

Drummer Robert John of the Warehouse Band emailed us his thoughts on our Cymbal Cleaner

To whoever created this stuff.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
Second to none. BY FAR the very best I've used and will never , EVER, purchase any other brand of cymbal cleaner again. I'm not much into usually giving free endorsements but if you knew of all the cleaners I've used to no avail until I found your product you would understand.

World Renown Drum Maker, DW Drums uses MusicNomad’s Drum Detailer as the final cleaning process:

"Here at the Workshop, we use MusicNomad Drum Detailer during final assembly (for Lacquer and FinishPly only) to give our drums that extra shine.”

Kyle Woods who works at a Music Dealer in Wichita, KS

I'm a drum sales associate in Wichita, KS and I have to say how much I love your products. Your Cymbal Cleaner will take years of dirt and grime off of a cymbal and restore it to that new shine. I love it to the point that I even made a display showing what all it can do haha. And your Drum Detailer, is just absolutely amazing. I clean our ENTIRE drum department with it, not just the shells or the cymbals, but all the hardware, the glass, the computer screens, everything. It's an amazing product and we get complimented every day on just how clean everything is. I pitch your products to every person that walks through that door, and I just wanted to thank you guys for making truly good products, for a truly good cause. 

Tim McGann, a musician, e mailed us.

I just used the Cymbal Cleaner for the first time and I am very impressed. I usually loathe cleaning my cymbals but now I look forward to it. I have a pair of Zildian K Hi-Hat’s that were very dirty and looked awful. I applied the cleaner and when I saw the shine coming thru I stopped and held it up to the light and smiled and said “WOW!!” I ended up cleaning all my cymbals instead of just the Hi-Hat’s like I originally planned.

We gave Elvis, a seasoned 20-year Drum Pro and also a drum specialist at Guitar Center while not on tour, where he has used every cleaner out there and this is what he said about our Drum Detailer and Cymbal Cleaner.

The Drum Detailer gets off fingerprints from my Cymbals better than any other product I have used. The MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner is the best way to turn sh*t work into aroma therapy.

Steven Pulley of Saving Abel said:

"Hands Down the Very Best Cymbal Cleaner I've ever used!"

David from TRX Cymbals, maker of handcrafted Turkish Cymbals:

“We use NOMAD Cymbal Cleaner to touch-up and protect the finish of every TRX cymbal before it leaves our warehouse. The cleaner is acid-free, easy to use and really makes the cymbals shine. We highly recommend it for drummers who want to maintain the original sound and appearance of their cymbals, too.”

Andy Clements, drum tech, for Bring Me The Horizon had this to say about our Cymbal Cleaner:

"Consistently perfect results with the only product I'll ever use."

Rich Redmond, Drummer for Jason Aldean had this to say about our Cymbal Cleaner:

Everyone asks about cleaning cymbals. Best product in the world for this is MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner!

Will Dorsey, Drummer for Body Count & Drum Tech for Offspring had to say about our Cymbal Cleaner:

I just wanted to say i think your Cymbal Cleaner is the best! I use it for both of my bands and absolutely makes my cymbals look great!

Drummer Erick Fernandez emailed us his thoughts on our Cymbal Cleaner

"Bling-Bling! It sounds as beautiful as it looks. This is a great cymbal cleaner and more environmentally friendly. One of my favorite things about this is the how I don’t feel like I must use gloves: it’s less caustic nature. I also like the layer of coating it seems to leave on the cymbal after cleaning. The lower volume wash of the cymbal after cleaning is beautiful."


MN111 FAQs