Drum Detailer - For Acoustic & Electronic Kits

Item Number: MN110  -  8 oz. (240ml)

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Cleans & Shines & Protects

Removes Fingerprints, Dust, Spots

Advanced Special Formula

UV Protectants to Deter Sun Damage

Gloss Enhancers to Give a High Gloss Shine

Smells Great

Anti-Static Formulation repels dust

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

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Product Story

Play it loud and play it proud. Let MusicNomad's Drum Detail Polish do the dirty work and safely clean your entire drum set fast and easy. A single spritz from our atomizer cleans drum shells, hardware, electronic drum pads, and drum thrones. It even can be used for light duty cymbal cleaning for dirt and grime removal. Our anti static agents help reduce dust from binding to your drum set. Safe on all matte and lacquer finishes, our water based formulation is infused with gloss enhancers & UV protectants to give your drums a long lasting great shine. DW Drums even recommends our polish for proper care of their performance and collector’s series drums. Works great on other brands such as Pearl, Tama, and Zildjian. Small in size but big on results you can take it everywhere and it even smells great! 


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Product Demo & How-To Advice

How to Use our Drum Detailer


Crush Drums, a respected maker of premium drums sets, recommends our Drum Detailer for care of their Drums. 

World Renown Drum Maker, DW Drums uses MusicNomad’s Drum Detailer as the final cleaning process:

"Here at the Workshop, we use MusicNomad Drum Detailer during final assembly (for Lacquer and FinishPly only) to give our drums that extra shine.” http://www.dwdrums.com/info/faq.asp#lqcare

Kyle Woods who works at a Music Dealer in Wichita, KS

I'm a drum sales associate in Wichita, KS and I have to say how much I love your products. Your Cymbal Cleaner will take years of dirt and grime off of a cymbal and restore it to that new shine. I love it to the point that I even made a display showing what all it can do haha. And your Drum Detailer, is just absolutely amazing. I clean our ENTIRE drum department with it, not just the shells or the cymbals, but all the hardware, the glass, the computer screens, everything. It's an amazing product and we get complimented every day on just how clean everything is. I pitch your products to every person that walks through that door, and I just wanted to thank you guys for making truly good products, for a truly good cause. 

Mike Rose, Drum Department Manager at Centerstaging (Burbank, CA) which provides drum sets and equipment for all the late night TV talk shows & award shows said about our Drum Detailer

We use it on everything, and everyone loves it. We do so many TV gigs as well as live shows, our drums have to look great. With Drum Detailer, they do! I know it sounds like an ad, but it is really true. The results speak for themselves.

We gave Elvis, a seasoned 20-year Drum Pro and also a drum specialist at Guitar Center while not on tour, where he has used every cleaner out there and this is what he said about our Drum Detailer and Cymbal Cleaner.

The Drum Detailer gets off fingerprints from my Cymbals better than any other product I have used. The MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner is the best way to turn sh*t work into aroma therapy.

DRUM! Magazine Wrote a Great Review of Our Drum Products check it our here


Drummer Phil Kibler emailed us:

"After using the MusicNomad Drum Detailer on my sacred Yamaha live customs, I have never used a product for polishing that is as easy to use, cleans the whole kit and shines everything show room new. Highly Recommended."


MN110 FAQs