Fret Shield™ Fretboard Protector Guard

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There is nothing like peace of mind while saving time and money. MusicNomad's patent pending Fret Shield sets a new higher standard for total fretboard protection when performing fret work such as polishing, leveling and crowning. Say "NO" to blue tape with our reusable design that goes on in seconds, fully protects without damaging the fretboard and lasts 100's of fret jobs. Our high quality stainless steel is the perfect thickness at .008" (.20mm), uses a precision manufacturing process free of burrs, and leaves all edges smooth and rounded. Our innovative formed drop-down edges allow the rubber bands we include to hold the Fret Shield in place securely and keep the bands below the top surface to avoid damaging them during the polishing process. Fret Shields come in the most popular Fret Scale sizes and even include a convenient hang hole. Whether your fretboard is finished maple or unfinished rosewood with inlays, your board will thank you for protecting it. That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care.

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Safe, Fast, Reusable: The Total Fretboard Protector Guard When Fret Polishing - Fret Shield™
Fret Shield™ - Total Bass Fretboard Protector When Fret Polishing - Safe, Fast, Reusable


Gary Brawer, a highly respected repair tech, road tested the Fret Shields for months and this is what he had to say about them:

It saves me a lot of time versus taping the board. What is even more incredible is the peace of mind when I work on a maple fingerboard that I will not put a scratch, sanding mark or gouge when polishing the frets.

Geoff Luttrell, master guitar tech of Sonoma County Guitarworks and SF Guitarworks had this to say about our Fret Shields that he tested for over a year:

We have used them on 100’s of necks and they are great. They have sped up my workday and made achieving the quality results I want much, much easier.

Matt Gearhart, Big Red Guitar Lessons & Repairs had to say about our Fret Shields™:

These are such time savers! They have already paid for themselves with just a few fret jobs. I am saving a ton of tape since there are multiple sizes to fit just about every fretboard out there. The fret shields are well made and an instant all-star in the shop. Well done MusicNomad!

David J. Sucher had to say about our Fret Shield™:

The Fret Shield is a must have tool.
In my personal experience with the Fretboard Shield, I have found it to be an incredibly useful tool. As someone who enjoys working on guitars and doing maintenance on my own instruments, I have often found myself hesitant to tackle tasks that involve filing or sanding the frets due to the risk of damaging the fretboard. However, since using the Fret Shield, I have felt much more confident in my ability to work on the neck without causing any harm to the fretboard.
The Shield is easy to apply and remove, and it fits snugly over the fretboard, providing excellent protection while still allowing you to access the frets. I have also found that the Shield is durable and can withstand multiple uses without showing any signs of wear or tear, and I have used it to sand, file and buff frets. Fret Shield sets up in a matter of seconds - no more 10 minute taping jobs - this allows me to stay focused on the task at hand - also, taking off the tape is no longer an issue, which allows you to get to the next task quicker when setting up your instrument.
Overall, I highly recommend the Fret Shield for anyone who wants to protect their fretboard while working on their guitar neck. It is a well designed and durable tool that has made a significant difference in my ability to maintain and improve the playability of my instruments.

Duncan McCrerie, McCrerie Guitars had to say about our Fret Shield™:

I just started using The MusicNomad Fret Shields and I’m very impressed with the results. I no longer have to mask up the fretboard, which saves me money on tape and more importantly time. I currently own 2 and will be acquiring more soon.

Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars had this to say about our Bass Fret Shield™:
"After 45 years of taping up fingerboards with masking tape, MusicNomad comes to the rescue with their amazing Fret Shields. From re-crowning, sanding and polishing frets, the Fret Shield is the perfect time saving accessory! And thank you for not forgetting us bass makers!"

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