GRIP Bit - Peg Winder Attachment

Item Number: MN220

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Attaches to Power Screwdriver or Power Drill

Rubber Lined Safe, Scratch Free Design

Fits & Grips Virtually All Tuning Pegs Narrow Profile Head Keeps from Hitting Adjacent Tuning Pegs, Especially Important on 12 String and Electric Guitars Where Pegs are Often Very Close

Strong Carbon Steel Shaft

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Product Story

Changing strings just got a whole lot easier, safer and more FUN!. MusicNomad’s innovative GRIP Bit peg winder attaches to any cordless power drill or power screwdriver. Our innovative GRIP Technology smoothly and silently slips over your tuning pegs for a scratch free & clank free operation compared to traditional plastic peg winders. Our contoured design fits virtually all tuning pegs both big and small. It’s perfect for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and orchestral strings. Using the highest quality materials including a carbon steel shaft. So don’t lose it or loan it, you’ll look forward to the next time you change your strings. That’s MusicNomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.


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Product Demo & How-To Advice

GRIP Bit Winder Attachment (Teaser-Coming Dec. 2016)
How to Change your Strings with GRIP Bit - Peg Winder Drill Bit Attachment


Glen Wolff, Customer Service Manager at Taylor Guitars had this to say about our GRIP Winder's:

I love discovering a great product that we can recommend to our customers. The MusicNomad GRIP Winder is definitely on that list. It's nice to see a reengineered version of a basic tool that works so well it makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. The soft rubber bit gently cradles every tuner button we use on our various models and the handle spins as smooth as a skateboard wheel. It's just great! 
And if you want to move really fast, get the GRIP Bit - Peg Winder Attachment for your drill. That's what I use to restring my own guitars. 

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our GRIP Bit

With this nifty little gadget, it takes no time to restring a guitar. It is the only thing I’ll use when it comes to removing or putting stings on any instrument for any artist I work for.


MN220 FAQs