GRIP Guards - Premium Fretboard Guards

Item Number: MN225

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Premium Fretboard Guards Contour to all Fretboards

High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Innovative Curved Angle Lays Flat on Fingerboard

Ergonomic Handle Keeps your Fingers from Getting in the Way

Includes a Set of 3 Guards for Small, Medium & Jumbo Fret Slot Sizes

Works on any String Instrument

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Product Story

Polishing frets and other fret work just got a whole lot easier with MusicNomad's patent pending GRIP Guards. The premium fretboard guards are made using a high precision process that produces a very smooth finish on our high quality stainless steel material, which is nonmagnetic, corrosion resistant and heat resistant. The special engineered curved angle contours to all fretboards. The innovative ergonomic handle makes any fret job easier, quicker, and keeps your fingers from getting in the way. The set of 3 GRIP Guards works on all string instruments and includes 1 each for small, medium and jumbo fret slot sizes. The ideal width lets you work up and down any fretboard whether a guitar, bass or even a ukulele. 


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Product Demo & How-To Advice

How to use Fretboard & Fingerboard GRIP Guards to Protect your Fretboard


HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our GRIP Guards

The GRIP Guards are a great way to protect the fretboard while cleaning frets on any instrument. This is one tool I can’t live without.


MN225 FAQs