Guitar Detailer - For Matte & Gloss Finishes

Item Number: MN100  -  4 oz.(120 ml)

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Cleans & Shines & Protects

Removes Fingerprints, Dust, Spots

Advanced Special Formula

UV Protectants to Deter Sun Damage

Smells Great

Anti-Static Formulation repels dust

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

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Product Story

Nothing plays like a clean guitar. MusicNomad's detailer puts everything you need to care for your guitar in one easy spray and wipe product. It works great on both matte/satin & gloss finishes. A single spritz from our atomizer cleans fingerprints, dust & smudges on your guitar finish like no other product. Whether you are cleaning your electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar or ukulele we just made your care and maintenance easier. Our special formulation is infused with gloss enhancers & UV protectants to restore your guitar to its original showroom look. Our anti-static agents help reduce dust from binding to your guitar. Small in size but big in results you can take it everywhere, and it even smells great.


Guitar Detailer FAQs

Product Demo & How-To Advice

How to Clean & Polish a Polyurethane Guitar Finish
How to Clean a Satin/Matte Acoustic Guitar Finish
How to Clean & Polish a High Gloss Acoustic Guitar
How to Clean & Polish a High Gloss Electric Guitar


Michael Mills, Quality Assurance Manager, at Cordoba Music Group (Oxnard, CA)

Here at Cordoba, we’re big fans of the Guitar Detailer in our shop. It is our favorite polish for our satin finish Cordoba instruments.

Dave Smart (Smart Guitars) a well trusted and respected UK luthier/repair centre said

Having been in the guitar repair and sales business for nearly 30 years I can honestly say that I've never come across a better guitar cleaning and maintenance range than MusicNomad. Every product more than lives up to it's promises. Not only that, they're eco friendly and smell great too!

Rick McCollum of Montana Guitar Shop.......handmade heirloom acoustic guitars...... said

It's nice to find guitar care products that REALLY are better! I've tried many guitar formulas.....I believe MusicNomad doesn't cut you short on the key ingredients.......good stuff

Shawn, owner of the guitar maker Steen Guitars (Walnut Creek, CA) had this to say about our products:

They are the best products I have found to clean and restore all types of finishes

Ron Kuliner, a musician who used our product said:

Just wanted to let you know that I was wondering if you guys made a detailing spray, I went to your web site and saw that you do make it. I was thrilled since I love your polish and microfiber towel. I went out to my local guitar shop and bought the spray as well. The product is fantastic and love the way it removes fingerprints, dust and grime. Everyone should be using your amazing line of products, which I will be using for as long as I play guitar!

Carl Harvey, guitarist for the legendary Reggae band Toots and the Maytals recently stopped by our booth unsolicited at NAMM and had this to say about our product:

I have been using MusicNomad's Guitar Detailer for the past year. I've used it on all my guitars, electric and acoustic and I can honestly say that it is the best product of its type that I've ever used. My guitars always look great and I never have to fear tossing my damp micro-fiber cloth in my gig-bag because the product smells great. It looks like I spent a lot of time polishing but in fact it takes a couple minutes. I recommend MusicNomad whole-heartedly and enthusiastically.

Breedlove Guitars head repair guru, Evan Manthei recommends MusicNomad:

"There are several types of small spray bottle cleaners on the market – the one I recommend the most is MusicNomad Guitar Detailer – it is a cleaner that is oil and polish free and can be used on either satin or gloss finish."