Guitar Polish - Pro Strength Formula

Item Number: MN101  -  4 oz. (120ml)

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Pro Strength

Restores & Maintains

Shines & Protects

Restores Faded Surfaces

Removes Oxidation

No Harsh Abrasives

Smells Great

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

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Product Story

Play every note like your guitar was brand new with MusicNomad's Guitar Polish. It is like a face lift in a bottle. Work in and wipe off our premium silicone free polish to restore and revive dull, hazy and scuffed surfaces. This polish works great on all guitar models such as Gibson, Fender and Martin Guitars. It is safe on all gloss finishes such as nitrocellulose and polyurethane. Our special polish formulation even removes oxidation and restores a brilliant shine to your guitar hardware (frets, pickups). 

CAUTION for Gold Hardware: We always recommend to use caution on gold plating as some plating is very thin depending on the manufacture and country made.  Either test a small area first and rub very lightly. If you love your gold plating and not sure then we recommend not using this product. See FAQs for more details on this.  


MN101 FAQs

Product Demo & How-To Advice

How To Use Pro Strength Guitar Polish
How to Clean & Polish a High Gloss Acoustic Guitar
How to Clean & Polish a High Gloss Electric Guitar
How to Clean & Polish Nitrocellulose (Nitro) Guitar Finishes
How to Clean & Polish Oxidized Pickups


Buchanan Music, a dealer in Mesa, AZ emailed this.

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you a small story. A high-end customer of mine with a 52 Fender Tele Reissue bought a guitar and noticed the case and guitar smelled like Cigar Smoke. In an effort to it freshen it up, he sprayed Febreeze in the case and directly on the guitar. The Febreeze left streak marks in the Nitro. The customer tried his own Polish to no avail. The streaks were not coming out. I receive a call from my customer and I tell him to meet me at the shop in 20 minutes. Between the MusicNomad All in one and the Polish, we were able to remove any streaks in the guitar left from the Febreeze. It worked when the others couldn't.

Legendary Guitar Builder Mark Lacey of Lacey Guitars said:

I have been building high end custom guitars for over 38 years and I have to say that your guitar polish and guitar wax are the best products I have ever used! 

John MacLean a musician from New York emailed us:

Yeah I like the polish, that’s true. But as far as I am concerned your product has saved my 1981 Les Paul. That’s right it did!! I’m sure you are well aware of those Nitro finishes & over time those necks can get tacky. Through the years it got worse and worse used lots of different products but in the end would pretty much polish well and get anywhere from a half hour to a hour out of it before it got tacky and had to polish and buff again. I guess I pretty much accepted is as nature of the beast. Then I used your product, Pro Strength Guitar Polish!! When I applied it to the neck at first I thought it was stripping the paint the polishing cloth was kind of dirty. And then I realized it was cleaning like it has never been cleaned before years of dirt sweat imbedded into the finish and just being covered up and sealed in by other products through the years. After all of this was removed, that neck has not felt that good since the eighties. I now have a guitar, which sounds incredible, and is again a JOY to play like it hasn’t in a long time. Thank you! 

Dan Altilio Jr. from Top Gear Guitars (La Mesa, CA), One of the best repair shops in the west said

One of the few polishes that really works on Gibson Guitars

During our extensive research, we gave Jim, a Guitar Repair Tech, our products to use for 3 months where he repairs, re-strings and cleans over 200 guitars a month. This is what he had to say about our products.

By far the best products I have ever used. The Guitar Polish and Guitar Wax goes on and off easily and leaves a really silky smooth finish while some polishes and waxes you have to really scrub. The smell is amazing on all the products. I have customers that just want it because of the smell and then they see the end result and they want it even more.”

Bill S. emailed us about our Pro Strength Guitar Polish:

"Holy Smokes!  I just used your Guitar Polish on a pawn shop find. Outrageous is the only word I can come up with to describe what your product has done to the dull neglected finish. MusicNomad is my new go-to for guitar care."


MN101 FAQs