Microfiber Guitar Detailing Cloth

Item Number: MN202  -  12" x 16"

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Great for Cleaning & Polishing Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Safe On All Surfaces, Microfiber Edge Will Not Scratch

Non-Linting Polish Cloth

Made Using High Quality Super-Soft Microfiber

Great for Wiping Dust, Fingerprints and Sweat off Guitar

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Product Story

MusicNomad's towel prolongs that fresh from the showroom feel through our superior design, quality & value. Microfiber is a revolutionary material containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch. These fibers remove dirt & grime from surfaces. It super soft, lint free construction is the best way to clean your equipment. Also, we use a microfiber edge to avoid scratching your prized instrument.


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Cloths FAQs