Lacquer Polish - Brass & Woodwind

Item Number: MN700  -  4 oz. (120ml)

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Cleans & Restores Lacquer Finishes on Brass & Woodwind Instruments

No Harsh Abrasives

Residue & Streak Free

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Product Story

Clean and protect your lacquer finish with the easiest to use spray and wipe product. Utilizing only the finest of ingredients, MusicNomad's Lacquer Polish delivers results as refined as your musical skills. Infused with gloss enhancers and UV protectants.  Our petroleum and wax free formula delivers unmatched long lasting shine. Anti-static agents help reduce dust from binding to the finish. MusicNomad Products are used by worldwide by musicians, repair shops, collectors & instrument makers.  4 oz. 


MN700 FAQs

Product Demo & How-To Advice

How to Clean & Polish Brasswind Lacquer Finish Instruments


Fox Products Corp, manufacturer of high quality bassoons and oboes said

We really like the Lacquer Polish for cleaning the wood bodies of the bassoon. It cleans off all the grime and doesn’t leave fingerprints on the clean surface when we're finished. Your Silver Polish cuts right through the tarnish and leaves a clean smooth feel on the keys. It doesn’t feel  gritty at all like some polishes we have used.


MN700 FAQs