Truss Rod Neck Relief Measure and Adjust Kit for MARTIN® Guitars

Item Number: MN612

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Everything you Need to Measure and Adjust your Neck Relief on all MARTIN® Guitars Models except DSS-2018, OMSS-2019, Modern Deluxe Series, SC-13E

Comes with a Precision Truss Rod Gauge, Pick Capo, 5mm Truss Rod Wrench

Precision Stainless Steel Gauge Includes the 3 Most Common Truss Rod Neck Relief Measurements (.006", .008", .010") for Electric, Acoustic, Classical & Bass Guitars with Easy to Follow Instructions Printed Right on the Handle & an Innovative Pick Capo to Assist

Premium Truss Rod Wrench 5mm Ball End Design with Durable Steel Construction, Ergonomic Handle for Extra Comfort and Control and a Laser Etched 5mm Size in Metal so you Always Know the Size Working With

These products are part of our KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS)™ Method using our Precision Gauges & Tool Sets combined with step-by-step general guidelines anybody can follow and setup their guitar to play and sound great.

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Product Story

Being able to measure and adjust your MARTIN® Guitar's neck relief is a critical step in the setup process and will improve your playability and sound. MusicNomad is making it real easy for anyone to perform this task with our Measure and Adjust kits. The Precision Truss Rod Gauge comes equipped with the 3 most common relief measurements for Electric, Acoustic, Classical and Bass Guitars (.006”, .008”, .010”). For MARTIN®, use the .008" Gauge along with the clever Pick Capo and follow the instructions printed right on the gauge. When you are ready to adjust, MusicNomad's 5mm Premium Truss Rod Wrench is made custom to fit all models of MARTIN® Guitars truss rod nut that you adjust inside the soundhole except DSS-2018, OMSS-2019, Modern Deluxe Series and SC-13E. Our ergonomic handle and rubber protective bumper gives you the comfort around your prized instrument. Keep your Gauge close by as it works on any Guitar or Bass and the 5mm Wrench will work on other Guitar brands that require that size. Make sure you check out all MusicNomad's Precision Gauges and Tools used in the setup process. That's MusicNomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.

Complete Neck Relief Guide


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How To Measure Neck Relief & Adjust the Truss Rod on a Martin Guitar


HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our Premium Truss Rod Wrenches

Reliable and safe, the Premium Truss Rods are great. I wouldn’t expect anything less from MusicNomad.

Caleb Smart, Senior Tech at Sweetwater's Guitar Gallery had this to say about our Precision Gauges:

"The MusicNomad Feeler Gauges are a game changer. They take away the hassle of fumbling through a bunch of gauges with an oily mess. They have the most common size gauges I need to get the job done fast, without the oily mess and it comes with a thick pick to act like a capo which is a huge plus!" 


MN612 FAQs