Premium Piano Care Kit - 3pc

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Use Piano ONE to Clean, Polish, Wax, and Protect Your Gloss Piano with Complete Maintenance in One Bottle

Piano ONE is Infused with White Brazilian Carnauba Wax to Deliver a Transparent, Protective Shield With a High-Gloss Shine

Use Key ONE to Safely Removes Fingerprints, Dust, and Grime from all White and Black Piano Key Materials such as Ivory, Plastic, Ovirite, Ivorine and Wood (i.e. Ebony) )

Key ONE Anti-Static Formula keeps Dust from Binding to all Surfaces and is a Residue-Free Pro Formula for Long-Lasting, Quick, and Easy Results

Premium 2 'N 1 Microfiber Cloth - Plush High Pile Side is Great for Dusting, Low Pile to use with Cleaners

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Product Story

MusicNomad's Premium Piano Care Kit comes with everything you need to care for your piano. MusicNomad's Piano ONE is organically formulated to clean, polish, wax and protect gloss pianos. The first one-step answer for achieving a showroom shine, this formula is infused with white Brazilian carnauba wax to deliver a transparent, protective shield on your finish. Safe on all semi- and high-gloss finishes, we even added UV protectants and anti-static agents. MusicNomad's All Purpose Key ONE cleaner is everything you need to maintain your piano keys in one easy step-simply spray and wipe. This formula is safe on all piano keys and a single spritz cleans fingerprints, dust, and smudges like no other product. Streak free and residue free, it leaves a beautiful, clean surface with anti-static agents to help reduce the attraction and binding of dust. MusicNomad's Dusting and Polishing Cloth prolongs that fresh from the showroom feel for your piano. This 12" x 12" microfiber cloth features a revolutionary material containing 90,000 cleaning microfibers per square inch. The plush higher pile side is designed to lift and trap dust away from the surface. After removing the dust, flip the cloth over to the lower pile cloth side and use with MusicNomad revolutionary cleaners and polishes to clean and restore the surface's original finish. That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care.


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Mike Bennett, Manager-Piano and Organ Sales at Saied Music Company (Tulsa, OK)

Having worked in the piano business for 34+ years, I have tried many different piano polishes. Both of your polishes do a great job, but I have never seen a polish remove fingerprints, oil and grime from satin finish like your KEY ONE polish does; and it dries with no residue or film left over! Thanks for making a great product

Mike Airey, Keyboard Tech/Stage Manager for Deep Purple had to say about our piano products:

Whether in the studio or out on the road with Deep Purple I always reach for the MusicNomad piano products to keep our organs, synths and pianos looking as great as they sound


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