Premium Spanner Wrench with Microfiber Suede Backing

Item Number: MN224

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Perfect for adjusting round screws

100% stainless steel combined with precision cut teeth

Soft suede microfiber backing keeps the metal off your gear

Low 1.2mm profile get under raised volume control knobs

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Product Story

Tightening and making adjustments to your gear just got a whole lot easier with MusicNomad’s premium multi Spanner Wrench. Featuring high quality 100% stainless steel combined with precision cut teeth ensures a tight grip on those unique elements of your gear like toggle switches and adjustable bridge thumbwheels. Our low 1.2mm profile lets you get under raised volume control knobs and strings to tighten hard to reach nuts.  A soft microfiber suede backing keeps your finish scratch free during use. Compact in size for your pocket and case, big on results for the stage and studio.

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Premium Spanner Wrench for Guitars by MusicNomad - Teaser Review
Premium Spanner Wrench With Microfiber Backing by MusicNomad


Joel at Grant Guitars, a top repair shop in California had this to say about our Premium Spanner Wrench:

"I've been using the new spanner wrench here at the shop on a daily basis and I love it! Among it's many uses it's great for tightening round toggle switch nuts, and being a little thinner, it slides under most knobs easily to tighten loose pot nuts. Great product!"

Eric Collier, Guitar Tech, for the well respected Russo Music (Asbury Park, NJ) had this to say our our Premium Spanner Wrench

"If I was trapped on a desert island with 1000 guitars to fix with only 5 tools it would be one of them"

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our Premium Spanner Wrench

I’d be lost without something as simple as my Spanner Wrench, this little tool allows you to work safely on your guitar, helping me keep things in tip top shape for my artist.

Diego the touring tech for Underøath, Chromeo & FEVER333 had to say about our Premium Spanner Wrench:

As techs we're all familiar with spanner wrenches and how useful they are for getting off knobs, tightening nuts, and adjusting those odd vintage splined washers. But this one is the king of spanners. The felt underneath prevents scratches, and it's stronger and thinner than any other wrench in the market right now. MusicNomad refines yet another necessary tool, fixing things we didn't even know needed fixing!