Premium String Changing Kit - 5 pc.

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Change your strings with products used by touring techs & top repair shops

Premium & Innovative products to make string changing a cinch!

Five essential string changing products to look, sound and play the best!

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Product Story

This 5-piece premium string changing kit gives you all the tools needed for the best string changing experience. MusicNomad's innovative 5 ’n 1 cradle cube neck support works great for your guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, banjo and ukuleles. Gentle, yet sturdy it’s safe for all instrument finishes. The GRIP String Cutters high quality chrome vanadium steel blade is spring loaded and comes with a convenient storage sheath when not using. The side cutter design lets you cut strings flush to the turning machine posts. Use the rubber lined, dual-bearing GRIP String Winder to take off and put on strings fast and safe. Use MusicNomad's TUNE-IT to stay in tune longer and reduce string breakage. Apply to the nut slot, bridge, saddle and string guides every string change. The Octopus 8 'n 1 Tech Tool has 6 Hex Wrench Sizes: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 1/2" (2) & 7/16" and a Phillips & Flat Head Screwdriver. The innovative design is perfect for tightening or loosening output jacks, strap locks, control pots, tuning machine bushings & screws. All 5 items come in a convenient storage box when not using. MusicNomad products are road tested and used by many top repair shops and touring techs throughout the world. 

Product Demo & How-To Advice

Best String Instrument Neck Support Cradle for Changing Strings & Maintenance
How to Change Your Guitar Strings Fast, Easy and Safe with the GRIP Peg Winder
How to stay in tune longer & reduce sting breakage using TUNE IT
The Octopus 8 'n 1 Tech Tool by MusicNomad in Action


Hugh Thomas from 13th Street Guitars, a well respected repair shop had this to say about our Cradle Cube:
So we've been using these Cradle Cubes throughout the shop for the past week. Everyone loves them. You guys put a lot of thought into the various heights and also the flat sides for laying guitars strings-side-down. This has proven to be much more effective than all of the home made wooden neck rests we've made here. The rubberized coating is nice and grippy without sticking. Preliminary testing shows it cleans up pretty well, too. We normally use cork, but it is porous and absorbs fine metal shavings, dirt, etc.. and needs to replaced from time to time. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of a neck rest.
Joe Glaser of Glaser Instruments (Nashville, TN) on TUNE IT

“This is our preferred nut and saddle lube after trying all the usual suspects.  It minimizes friction nicely, doesn't build up and, most importantly, does not affect the sound or sustain of the strings.”

Joel Grant at Grant Guitars, a well respected west coast repair shop on TUNE IT,

"A lot of what I have tried in the past kills the tone, and we have found TUNE IT does not dampen the tone at all while keeping the guitar in tune longer." 

Third Coast Guitar Repair (Chicago, IL), one of the top repair shops on TUNE IT,

"We use it and it works quite well, a great addition to your line." 

Gary Brawer, owner of Brawer Repair, one of the most respected guitar repair shops in the world said this about our GRIP Winders:

"It's way nicer than anything out there. It's nice and smooth and feels solid gripping the tuners. I haven't found a tuner yet it does not fit"

Justin Stabler, Guitar Tech for Ms. Lauryn Hill, Hall & Oates had this to see about TUNE-IT:

I have to say, Tune It is AWESOME !! I've tried a number of different lubricants and by far this makes a huge difference. Very impressed.

Deering Banjos, The Great American Banjo Company had this to say about our GRIP Winder:

"We instantly loved the GRIP Winder the first time we used it on our Banjos. It’s a high quality product! The dual bearing comfort handle was so smooth when winding. Also the versatility of the peg head design allowed it to fit on our smallest and biggest tuners. Thanks for your great design MusicNomad.”  

Tom Anderson of Tom Anderson Guitars, the well respected high quality Guitar maker, had this to say about the GRIP Winder:

"You guys constantly surprise me. Building a better mouse trap doesn't come close to how cool this stuff is. We recently got your new string winders, and I'm still giddy using it, it has bearings inside! The rest of the guys here want the electric screwdriver version, but i'm keeping the manual one because it feels so good to use. I told the guys here that i was going to spend the day changing strings on all my guitars just for fun. Keep the cool stuff comin'."

Musician Justin W. had this to say about our Cradle Cube neck support:

The Cradle Cube has instantly become a necessity. Best accessory created since the string winder. I seriously can't believe I ever got along with out this!

Patrice Vigier, an innovative and high quality guitar luthier that produces Vigier Guitars had this to say about the GRIP Winder:

It is simply the best I've ever seen............I LOVE it!

Carl Harvey, guitarist for Toots and the Maytals after using our Grip Winder:
Just a note to say how much I love this Grip Winder. It makes changing strings so much easier and smoother. I didn’t think that it would make much of a difference, but it does. Kudos on a well made aid for guitar players and techs. I think I’ll have to get another one so I can always have one in my gig bag.
Musician Dustin C. posted on Facebook about the Octopus:

"I just got one. Never looking back."

Musician Adam M. posted on Facebook about the Octopus:
"Already used mine to fix my custom built that had a bad volume control....easy to use and no worries about scratching the surface. Needed this years ago."
Tommy R had this to say about the Octopus:
"This is an amazing addition to my toolkit - this is going to make routine maintenance easier and super-fast. I'm going to order an extra for my gig tool kit and one for my home toolbox. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to do simple maintenance. Quality construction, all the sizes you'll need...this is already one of my go to set up tools."
Roger Sadowsky, who is known for "being one of the industry's master craftsmen" posted this review of our GRIP Winder on his Facebook Page:

"This Grip Winder is hands down, the best winder I have ever used. Although the design of the head has been around a long time, the blue rubber coating on the Grip Winder makes all the difference in the world. It reduces the winder head from slipping off the tuner knob, especially on bass tuners like Cloverleaf or Lollypop style. It also does not scratch tuner buttons. The icing on the cake is the the dual bearing handle. It is like power steering. Highly Recommended."

String Theory Guitar Repair (Mount Juliet, TN) had this to say about Tune-It:

"I've used all the products out there that claim to lubricate string friction points on guitars. They've all worked ok but most leave residue, dry out or slightly dampen the strings. I started using this stuff in my guitar repair shop, String Theory Guitar Repair, and it's unlike any other product I have used before. A little goes a long way and I've already noticed that it all but eliminates return to pitch issues when using tremolos. I use it on every instrument that crosses my bench now. I use it on bridge saddle, nuts, string trees and even on the exposed gears in open back tuners. Great stuff!"