String Fuel Refill

Item Number: MN120  -  0.5 fl oz/15ml

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String Fuel Re-Fill is designed to refuel the String Fuel Applicator Part Number MN109 (sold separately)

Specially designed dropper makes refueling a cinch

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Product Story

This Re-Fill bottle is designed to refuel our String Fuel Applicator Part Number MN109 (sold separately) once the applicator becomes dry over a period of time due to usage.   Our String Fuel formulation is a hybrid blend of refined naturally occurring oils that are speed blended with premium quality mineral oils to deliver a string cleaner & lubricant like no other. Our proprietary formulation allows you to both clean & protect your strings to last longer & sound better while reducing the finger noise & enhancing the speed you can slide your fingers. It's silicone free & even conditions unfinished fretboard wood. This bottle can re-fuel the String Fuel Applicator (sold separately) a minimum two times.


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How to Clean & Lubricate your Guitar Strings with String Fuel
How to use String Fuel Refill


Josh Smith, guitarist for Australian based band called Northlane, had this to say about our String Fuel:

I was recently introduced to your string cleaner when I was on tour in the US and absolutely love the stuff… I think the philosophy behind what you guys are doing is fantastic, and I’ve never used a cleaning product that smelled so damn good! (or worked so well for that matter).

Posted on our Facebook page by musician Jesse Dean Austin about our String Fuel:

"Just used it last night after a gig. This product is a no brainer if you don't have a strong endorsement! I can now get three or four shows out of a set of strings. Before I tried it I was maybe getting two."

j.amahl posted on Instagram about our String Fuel:

"I love this stuff, my strings lasted an extra 2 months using this"

Ed Sine, Wild Acoustic Music Co, Evergreen, CO had to say about our String Fuel:

"We are a big fans of String Fuel at Wild Acoustic Music in Evergreen, Colorado.  Customers come in our shop and demo guitars frequently, after they’ve played for a while I’ll put swipe the strings with String Fuel.  This does 2 things:  1) It makes the guitar play better and 2) It demonstrates how the product works and helps sell it.  I find that many times when a guitar sale occurs, String Fuel is included in the sale." 

Ian Roberts, Guitar Tech for Dustin Lynch had to say about our String Fuel:

"I can personally vouch for how amazing String Fuel works. It’s used multiple times a day on about 8 guitars on our tour, and I’ll never hand off a guitar to our players without applying it first."

Scott Meli emailed us about their experience using String Fuel:

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great product (String Fuel)! I was curious to try the product after I received a recent email for the product. I used the product on all my guitars and basses and absolutely love what it does. In addition to a great sound, it provides a quick surface on the neck (without greasy residue). Through the years I’ve tried most products and found limited success with all of them. String Fuel is the real deal!"


MN120 FAQs