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We love making guitar tools that are designed and engineered to be best in class. MusicNomad's Tool Lover's Kit gives you our most popular Guitar tools that are used daily by techs and repair shops around the world. The 26 pc. Guitar Tech Screwdriver and Wrench set is like no other and is specifically designed for guitars and to work on all the key parts of your hardware such as: tuners, jacks, pots, bridges, pickups, tailpieces, string guides, pickguards, tremolos and more. Our patented GRIP String Winder features a dual bearing construction to make turning silent, smooth and super fast with the added comfort of our rubber lined head so you don't scratch your hardware. The GRIP Bit features the same rubber lined head and lets you attach it to your favorite power screwdriver for speedy string changes. Our spring loaded Premium GRIP Cutter makes cutting all string types a cinch! Our Premium and Innovative GRIP Puller gives you a metal-free ergonomic design to safely pull bridge pins on acoustic guitars. Detail away all the those hard to reach area such as under the strings and between pickups with our extremely popular Nomad Tool Set. For all you tool lovers out there what are you waiting for. Tool up with the best!

26pc. Guitar Tech Screwdriver & Wrench Set

GRIP String Winder featuring dual bearings and rubber lined head

GRIP Bit rubber lined head that attaches to your favorite power screwdriver or power drill

GRIP String Cutter is spring loaded, strong steel, ergonomic rubber lined handle and storage sheath

GRIP Puller is a Premium, Innovative Bridge Pin Puller for Acoustic Guitars

The Nomad Tool Set is the perfect one-two punch to detail all your gear.

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Deering Banjos, The Great American Banjo Company had this to say about our GRIP Winder:

"We instantly loved the GRIP Winder the first time we used it on our Banjos. It’s a high quality product! The dual bearing comfort handle was so smooth when winding. Also the versatility of the peg head design allowed it to fit on our smallest and biggest tuners. Thanks for your great design Music Nomad.”  

Tom Anderson of Tom Anderson Guitars, the well respected high quality Guitar maker, had this to say about the GRIP Winder:

"You guys constantly surprise me. Building a better mouse trap doesn't come close to how cool this stuff is. We recently got your new string winders, and I'm still giddy using it, it has bearings inside! The rest of the guys here want the electric screwdriver version, but i'm keeping the manual one because it feels so good to use. I told the guys here that i was going to spend the day changing strings on all my guitars just for fun. Keep the cool stuff comin'."

Patrice Vigier, an innovative and high quality guitar luthier that produces Vigier Guitars had this to say about the GRIP Winder:

It is simply the best I've ever seen............I LOVE it!

Carl Harvey, guitarist for Toots and the Maytals after using our Grip Winder:
Just a note to say how much I love this Grip Winder. It makes changing strings so much easier and smoother. I didn’t think that it would make much of a difference, but it does. Kudos on a well made aid for guitar players and techs. I think I’ll have to get another one so I can always have one in my gig bag.
Andres Lecaros, Guitar Tech for Slayer and others posted a nice note on Instagram:

"I would like to say thank you to Music Nomad as their product is hands down the best product under one umbrella!!! From fret wire cleaning to winding on and off strings, cleaning and conditioning the fretboard. I love using Music Nomad on tour. Please check out your local music store for all their fine product..... I trust with expensive guitars"

Roger Sadowsky, who is known for "being one of the industry's master craftsmen" posted this review of our GRIP Winder on his Facebook Page:

"This Grip Winder is hands down, the best winder I have ever used. Although the design of the head has been around a long time, the blue rubber coating on the Grip Winder makes all the difference in the world. It reduces the winder head from slipping off the tuner knob, especially on bass tuners like Cloverleaf or Lollypop style. It also does not scratch tuner buttons. The icing on the cake is the the dual bearing handle. It is like power steering. Highly Recommended."

Sander Veenstra, guitar tech for Saxon had this to say about our GRIP String Cutters:

"This is the best string cutter I've used in years. Goes through strings like a knife through butter. Couldn't be more satisfied then I am now. Thanks Music Nomad for all your quality stuff."

Glen Wolff, Customer Service Manager at Taylor Guitars had this to say about our GRIP Winder's:

I love discovering a great product that we can recommend to our customers. The Music Nomad GRIP Winder is definitely on that list. It's nice to see a reengineered version of a basic tool that works so well it makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. The soft rubber bit gently cradles every tuner button we use on our various models and the handle spins as smooth as a skateboard wheel. It's just great! 
And if you want to move really fast, get the GRIP Bit - Peg Winder Attachment for your drill. That's what I use to restring my own guitars. 

Joel at Grant Guitars, a top repair shop in California had this to say about our Premium Spanner Wrench:

"I've been using the new spanner wrench here at the shop on a daily basis and I love it! Among it's many uses it's great for tightening round toggle switch nuts, and being a little thinner, it slides under most knobs easily to tighten loose pot nuts. Great product!"

Eric Collier, Guitar Tech, for the well respected Russo Music (Asbury Park, NJ) had this to say our our Premium Spanner Wrench

"If I was trapped on a desert island with 1000 guitars to fix with only 5 tools it would be one of them"

Maple Byrne, guitar collector, historian, and tech to Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller, among others had this to say about our Nomad Tool Set.

“My collection has never been so dust-free….life changing!"

Emery the touring tech for Dan + Shay said about our GRIP Puller:

"The MusicNomad GRIP Bridge Pin Puller is a genius little tool. It takes absolutely zero effort to pull even the most stubborn of pins, with no risk of damaging the guitar. Without a doubt, this is the best tool for pulling bridge pins."