Guitar Humidifier & Humidity-Temperature Monitor Pak

Item Number: MN306

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Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Re-usable Sponge

Anti-Drip, No Mess Material

Sponge Holds 10x its weight in water and Safely Releases Moisture

Patent Pending Innovative 3 'n 1 Accurate Digital Hygrometer

Securely Hangs from Strings or Use Case Holster to Place in Case

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Product Story

Protecting your guitar just got easier. The ultimate Humidity Care System combines our two best sellers with our easy-to-use, no-mess, and low-maintenance guitar humidifier The Humitar, and The HumiReader a humidity and temperature monitor that is simple, accurate and reliable. The Humitar safely releases moisture evenly to eliminate potential problems such as warping, shrinking and, worse yet, cracking. The Innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge holds a lot more water than similar products. This means less monitoring on your end while resting assured your fine guitar is cared for.

The HumiReaders innovative design allows you to customize where you want to measure. In the acoustic guitar soundhole, right next to the Humitar!? Yes. This unmatched feature allows you to hang both the humidifier and monitor right from acoustic guitar strings and measure where you want to, inside the soundhole. The accurate sensor monitors your string instruments environment every 20 seconds and gives you the humidity and temperature readings on its LCD display. It also gives you the maximum and minimum range over the period you are measuring and can be reset at any time. If you prefer, you can measure inside the case near the headstock or fretboard/fingerboard. The HumiReader comes with a unique case holster that has a strong adhesive backing to stick to your case and hold the HumiReader. Or just place the HumiReader in any room you want to monitor. The HumiReader comes with many other cool features such as a reminder on the humidity and temperature Safe Zone you want to keep your string instrument at, a long-lasting AG 13 battery and Fahrenheit or Celsius readings.


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How to safely humidify an acoustic guitar
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How to use the HumiReader to Measure the Humidity & Temperature


The Humitar Acoustic Guitar Humidifer was reviewed in the October 2013 Guitar Player Magazine:

“Ya gotta love butt-simple solutions to critical needs, and the Humitar offers an easy and elegant way to keep the wood on your treasured acoustic guitars from drying out and cracking” Click on link for full review. 

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Jim Prater, Roberto-Venn School Of Luthiery said

"We've found MusicNomad's high quality products to be the perfect solution to keeping your instruments clean, protected, and set up for maximum playability"

David Brown, musician emailed us how our Humitar saved his $12,000 Guitar:

I purchased the Soundhole Humitar after I noticed that the backstrip that goes down the middle of the back of my Limited Edition Bryan Sutton Bourgeois Dreadnaught guitar was lower than the rest of the Brazilian Rosewood back in hopes that it would correct problem, and thanks to your product after two weeks of using the Humitar the backstrip is completely flush with the rest of the guitar back. I am so happy that I purchased the Humitar that I felt obligated to email you and tell you how much I love the product and how important it is to keep your precious expensive acoustic guitars properly humidified especially in the winter months. I had been using another product that wasn't getting the job done and now I feel safe because the Humitar really works as advertised.The best money I have ever spent to protect my $12,000.00 Bourgeois . Thanks again!


MN306 FAQs