Tri-Beam 3 'n 1 Straightedge, plus SAE/Metric Ruler & Scale Length Ruler for Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Item Number: MN820

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Our patent pending 3 'n 1 precision straightedge sets a new higher standard. Its unique triangle 3 wall design is easy to hold, flex-free and includes the critical straightedge sizes of 17.6" (44.7cm), 12" (30.5cm) and 6.5" (16.5cm) in one Tri-Beam tool. No other product has 3 Straight edges in 1.

Specifically designed for Luthiers and DIY'ers, it helps check if the frets and fingerboard are level when diagnosing playability issues.

Includes SAE and Metric rulers for quick measurements, plus 13 of the most popular guitar and bass fret scale lengths so you can quickly check the scale of any guitar or bass on your bench. Additionally, from the 12th fret, you can quickly check the approximate bridge placement using the fret scale length ruler. The scale length ruler also helps determine which MusicNomad Fret Shield (sold separately) to buy.

Designed by our Sonoma, CA (USA) team, the premium quality 6063-T5 Aluminum has a blue anodized finish that is extremely durable, abrasion resistant and does not peel or chip. Imprecision is eliminated through single setup, continuous 5-axis CNC producing flawless features on all surfaces of our innovative profile. Convenient hang hole included.

All 3 straightedges are precision ground and lapped to ensure smooth flat edges within an accuracy tolerance of +/-.00125"/ft.

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Product Story

Diagnosing how level your frets and fingerboard has never been easier with MusicNomad's patent pending Tri-Beam Straightedge. Creating a new higher standard, our unique 3 wall triangle design gives you the 3 critical lengths 17.6" (44.7cm), 12" (30.5cm), 6.5" (16.5cm) to isolate and identify global or localized fret and fingerboard issues up and down the neck. Using the highest quality aluminum and manufacturing techniques ensures straightness of the entire length and critically important polished, smooth flat edges. A big bonus, the Tri-Beam has SAE and Metric ruler markings plus 13 of the most popular guitar and bass fret scale lengths to quickly check the scale length you are working on. We even include a convenient hang hole. That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care.


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Diagnose & Measure How Level your Frets and Fingerboard are Plus Fret Scale Length with One Tool


Geoff Luttrell, master guitar tech of Sonoma County Guitarworks and SF Guitarworks had this to say about our 3 ‘n 1 Straightedge Tri-Beam that he tested for over a year:

So all day long, I'm checking for flatness, measuring things and checking scale length and the Tri-beam has been indispensable for that. It has really simplified my day by having 1 tool hanging on my bench rather than having to go find a ruler, straightedge or do the math to measure scale length.  Also, what I really like about the Tri-Beam is the accuracy of the edges. I also like the triangular form factor. It makes it very easy to hold when assessing a neck for flatness or using the SAE or Metric ruler.


MN820 FAQs