Premium Trumpet Cleaning & Care Kit - 6 pc.

Item Number: MN770

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Everything you need to clean & care for your entire trumpet

EXCLUSIVE CLEANING TOOL DESIGNS: Designed by our team in Sonoma, CA (USA). Our 2 'n 1 Mouthpiece & Cup Brush is like no other with our premium fibers & ergonomic handle. Extra long Valve Casing Brush covers 100% of valve casing with premium fibers & an ergonomic handle. 34"/86 cm Snake Brush with premium fibers, a Vinyl free innovative waterproof protective liner that uncoils straight. Premium large 12" x 12" microfiber suede cloth with 90,000 fibers per square inch

MADE IN USA PRO STRENGTH FORMULAS: Our premium synthetic Valve Oil (2 oz) is scientifically designed to provide long lasting, fast valve action. Our premium synthetic Tuning Slide Grease (.5 oz) is the ideal viscosity & long lasting to help lubricate your slides. Both formulas are odorless

DETAILED VIDEO & PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS: We include step-by-step printed instructions anybody can follow making cleaning & caring with this kit a breeze. We even have detailed how-to videos for more guidance

Comes with a convenient resealable storage bag that is made with recyclable PET/PE material

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Product Story

MusicNomad 6 pc. kit has set a new higher standard for what you should expect when you buy a trumpet cleaning & care kit. Each product is so well thought out that you will appreciate each feature & benefit it will bring you & your trumpet. It starts with our innovative cleaning tool designs (2 'n 1 Mouthpiece & Cup Brush, Extra Long Valve Casing Brush, Premium Vinyl free Snake Brush, Edgeless Microfiber Cloth). No detail was overlooked, from the high quality material specifications to the ergonomic handles. Our Made in USA Synthetic Valve Oil & Tuning Slide Grease formulations are scientifically designed for long lasting performance for beginners, pros or repair techs. We include easy to follow step-by-step instructions anybody can follow so your trumpet can play & sound the best. It even comes with a convenient resealable storage bag that is made with recyclable PET/PE material. That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in equipment care.

Product Demo & How-To Advice

How To Clean & Care For Your Entire Trumpet (Cornet) - Products Needed and Step-by-Step Instructions