Ultimate At Home Work Station

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Premium 36" x 17" Work Mat with Patented Soft Gel Cradle Cube Neck Support

All the best products to detail clean, polish and condition every surface (Body, Fretboard, Hardware, Strings) on your gear.

26pc. Guitar Tech Screwdriver & Wrench Set

Premium String Changing Products: GRIP String Winder, GRIP Cutter, GRIP Puller, Tune It Lubricant

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Product Story

Get your home set up with what the top touring techs and repair shops use every day to make the gear they work on look, sound and play the best. MusicNomad's Ultimate At Home Work Station features 11 of our "must-have" products. It starts with our premium work mat and innovative neck cradle that allows you to safely work on any string instrument. Then we give you all the product to detail, clean, polish and condition all the necessary areas to maintain and protect your gear. Lastly, we include all our premium string changing tools so string changing is a cinch. Plus the 26 pc. Guitar Tech Tool set that allows you to adjust everything on your gear but the Truss Rod. Every product is designed and engineered to be best in class. You will not be disappointed and look forward to the next time your work on your gear.

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Ultimate At Home Guitar and Bass Work Station for Performing Cleaning and Repairs by MusicNomad


Dave Smart (Smart Guitars) a well trusted and respected UK luthier/repair centre said

Having been in the guitar repair and sales business for nearly 30 years I can honestly say that I've never come across a better guitar cleaning and maintenance range than MusicNomad. Every product more than lives up to it's promises. Not only that, they're eco friendly and smell great too!

Jason at Kala Ukuleles (Petaluma, CA) a leading Ukulele Manufacture said

We are now using the F-ONE fingerboard oil in our factory. We also use it on our Pau Ferro fingerboards. It works great for that, too! We are using the Guitar Detailer for our satin finishes.

Rick McCollum of Montana Guitar Shop.......handmade heirloom acoustic guitars...... said

It's nice to find guitar care products that REALLY are better! I've tried many guitar formulas.....I believe MusicNomad doesn't cut you short on the key ingredients.......good stuff

Elliot Guitars, a custom guitar luthier and repair shop in North Carolina that builds Peter Stroud Signature guitars said:

We are big fans of MusicNomad. We use and recommend your great products.

Buchanan Music, a dealer in Mesa, AZ emailed this.

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you a small story. A high-end customer of mine with a 52 Fender Tele Reissue bought a guitar and noticed the case and guitar smelled like Cigar Smoke. In an effort to it freshen it up, he sprayed Febreeze in the case and directly on the guitar. The Febreeze left streak marks in the Nitro. The customer tried his own Polish to no avail. The streaks were not coming out. I receive a call from my customer and I tell him to meet me at the shop in 20 minutes. Between the MusicNomad All in one and the Polish, we were able to remove any streaks in the guitar left from the Febreeze. It worked when the others couldn't.

Josh Smith, guitarist for Australian based band called Northlane, had this to say about our String Fuel:

I was recently introduced to your string cleaner when I was on tour in the US and absolutely love the stuff… I think the philosophy behind what you guys are doing is fantastic, and I’ve never used a cleaning product that smelled so damn good! (or worked so well for that matter).

Jacob Lin a Professional Guitar Tech in Taiwan had this to say about our products:

I am a professional guitar technician. I've always been searching for the best instrument care products during my years of practice in guitar repair and maintenance. Ever since I started to use MusicNomad products, I don't think I'll consider any other brands. MusicNomad products have fulfilled all requirements of my work. All my clients have praised the good results, and MusicNomad is indeed the best of its kind I've encountered!

A Musician in Switzerland emailed:

I am the proud owner of a Gibson ES-175 Semi-Acoustic. I bought not long ago the cleaning set from another brand. When using the other brand product, it left a film on my ES-175 and all the rubbing and polishing in the world would not take away that film or fog on the otherwise almost mirror-like surface of that guitar. Today, I bought your 5-piece Care Pak and I started using “The guitar ONE” All I can say is that I am overwhelmed with the result and so is my guitar. It is absolutely perfect and it does not leave behind the film/fog like the other brand did. Well done, MusicNomad Team, for having created a superior guitar care product. I can recommend it to all my other friends who own guitars.

Shawn, owner of the guitar maker Steen Guitars (Walnut Creek, CA) had this to say about our products:

They are the best products I have found to clean and restore all types of finishes

13 Street Guitar Repair (Huntington Beach, CA) one of the most respected Southern California Repair Shops had this to say:

Hey Guys, we've been using your F-ONE Oil down here at 13th Street Guitars on a daily basis. After trying everything on the market and being disappointed again and again... we finally found something that does the job right. We've even tried the "high-end" stuff with disappointing results. To find something that is affordable and great at the same time is cool. We're also impressed by the performance of this Guitar Polish. It's been getting little marks and scratches out of guitars left & right. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

John Mooy, guitar tech for many artists including George Benson, Jimmy Messina said

I have been a Guitar tech for over 3 decades and have tried every cleaner on the market. All I can say is - THANK YOU! I travel with and care for guitars that are historically significant and need constant upkeep due to the demanding schedules of my Artists. Your "One" polish is simply incredible!

MacNicols Guitars a dealer (Salt Lake City, UT) had this to say about our Nomad Tool

The Nomad Tool is great as a string cleaner, but also works wonders cleaning underneath the strings near the bridge, as well as other hard to reach areas. The fine, ultrasoft brush fibers are great for cleaning tuning pegs, bridge pin areas, and other spots. The brush also is the best "amp duster" I've come across. I recommend the Nomad Tool to any guitarist.

Legendary Guitar Builder Mark Lacey of Lacey Guitars said:

I have been building high end custom guitars for over 38 years and I have to say that your guitar polish and guitar wax are the best products I have ever used! 

Sound Beach Music in Long Island, NY blogged about our Guitar ONE:

This is hands down the best polish anyone here at the store has ever used. It has quickly become the de facto standard cleaner for all product pictures and high end instruments in the store. I know what you're thinking: "How much better can this polish be than any other polish?" Let me put it to you like this. Imagine every other polish is a Toyota. They're reliable and certainly get the job done. MusicNomad Guitar ONE polish? A Ferrari. No, a gold plated Ferrari. 

David Clemons a musician in Indianapolis, IN emailed us:

I bought a bottle of The Guitar One product and it is really good! I’ve retired my Fender guitar polishing products and will never go back to them… Thanks for a great product! 

John MacLean a musician from New York emailed us:

Yeah I like the polish, that’s true. But as far as I am concerned your product has saved my 1981 Les Paul. That’s right it did!! I’m sure you are well aware of those Nitro finishes & over time those necks can get tacky. Through the years it got worse and worse used lots of different products but in the end would pretty much polish well and get anywhere from a half hour to a hour out of it before it got tacky and had to polish and buff again. I guess I pretty much accepted is as nature of the beast. Then I used your product, Pro Strength Guitar Polish!! When I applied it to the neck at first I thought it was stripping the paint the polishing cloth was kind of dirty. And then I realized it was cleaning like it has never been cleaned before years of dirt sweat imbedded into the finish and just being covered up and sealed in by other products through the years. After all of this was removed, that neck has not felt that good since the eighties. I now have a guitar, which sounds incredible, and is again a JOY to play like it hasn’t in a long time. Thank you! 

Dan Altilio Jr. from Top Gear Guitars (La Mesa, CA), One of the best repair shops in the west said

One of the few polishes that really works on Gibson Guitars

Sal Tine is owner of a high end repair shop, The Guitar Fix, New York

I wanted to take a second to tell you I love all the products I purchased. I have used them since I got the delivery and they are all GREAT. I also have a few customers who specify that I use lemon oil, I talked them into trying the F-ONE oil, and they have since contacted me to RAVE about it!! I am proud to be part of the MusicNomad team!

George Mather, a repair technician emailed us about our F-ONE oil:

I used the F-ONE oil in my repair shop. I finished a fret job on a maple neck that was in need of cleanup. I only used a few drops and was surprised on how well it cleaned up the smudges and remnants of the fret work that could have stained the neck. I have also noticed that new maple guitars seem to feel or have a chalky layer on the neck. I used, again, a small amount of F-ONE and to my amazement it not only removed the chalky feel from the neck, the luster of the neck became apparent. This is a great product and I will continue to use it on my guitars in the shop and my personal collection.

Kyle of Raritan Bay Guitar (Freehold, NJ), the largest repair shop in the nation,

We love Guitar ONE and all our guys use it!

Gary Brawer Repair (San Francisco, CA), one of the most respected guitar repair shops in California said

When stacked up against the cleaning & polishing products we have been using for years, MusicNomad products worked better and faster and we are now using them on all our work.

My name is Tony Bigham, owner of Anthony's Woodwind Corner in San Rafael, CA

I have recently tried the Cradle Cube from MusicNomad.  It was originally designed for string instruments but I have found it to be perfect for propping wind instruments as well.  The angle is just right and the v-groove helps keep an instrument from rolling off the cube, a very common problem when using a flat block.  The v-groove also helps hold the instrument in different rotations, not always possible with a flat block. While the flat block is a very useful tool for many things, it is no match for the Cradle Cube when propping instruments.  I'm very happy to have the Cradle Cube as part of my work bench.  Thanks, MusicNomad!!

Guitar Tech, Janne "Mehtis" Metsola(Twisted Sister, Apulanta)

A colleague of mine introduced me to MusicNomad products and I was immediately blown away. Guitars shine and my customers are super happy. Mega awesome!

Hugh Thomas from 13th Street Guitars, a well respected repair shop had this to say about our Cradle Cube:
So we've been using these Cradle Cubes throughout the shop for the past week. Everyone loves them. You guys put a lot of thought into the various heights and also the flat sides for laying guitars strings-side-down. This has proven to be much more effective than all of the home made wooden neck rests we've made here. The rubberized coating is nice and grippy without sticking. Preliminary testing shows it cleans up pretty well, too. We normally use cork, but it is porous and absorbs fine metal shavings, dirt, etc.. and needs to replaced from time to time. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of a neck rest.
Marty of Motor City Guitar (Waterford, MI) emailed us:

In almost 30 years in the guitar business, I've never heard so many people talk about cleaning products!  MusicNomad has taken instrument care to a whole new level.  They obviously put a lot of thought and innovation into their products and have the quality to back it up.  There's a reason so many people talk about this stuff...it works that good.

j.amahl posted on Instagram about our String Fuel:

"I love this stuff, my strings lasted an extra 2 months using this"

Chris at Third Coast Guitar Service, one of the most respected repair shops in the world, had this to say about our Premium Work Mat:

"We just started using the MusicNomad mat about a month ago and now it is on every guitar bench in our shop. With 10 techs working on over 100 guitars per week, we needed something that has a good grip, but wouldn't bite into finishes. The MusicNomad mat is perfect for what we do. They're a good size, long enough to reposition the guitar in a neck rest without repositioning the mat.  It's easy to dump debris off, brush it off, or vacuum it off.  It's easy to see and remove globs of solder, screws, wire etc that might scratch a guitar.  Impervious to naptha, acetone and zip kicker."

Aaron "The N Turn" Mrozik, the Guitar Tech, Stage Manager for Justin Moore said:

"From rough to smooth, MusicNomad is the best on all surfaces" 

Justin Stabler Gutair Tech for Hall & Oates, Ms. Lauryn Hill and others had this to say about our Guitar ONE:

My first impression was shocking! The ONE polish lifted dirt and grim off the guitars that I didn’t even realize was there (mind you, I clean these guitars daily!!!). The second thing I immediately noticed was that there was little to no streaking or smudge marks after wiping the guitar down. By the end of the tour, I wasn’t trying to move the guitars around under the light to see if I missed a spot, it saved me a lot of time. Which is important when dealing with a lot of guitars! 

Joe Glaser of Glaser Instruments (Nashville, TN) on TUNE IT

“This is our preferred nut and saddle lube after trying all the usual suspects.  It minimizes friction nicely, doesn't build up and, most importantly, does not affect the sound or sustain of the strings.”

Joel Grant at Grant Guitars, a well respected west coast repair shop on TUNE IT,

"A lot of what I have tried in the past kills the tone, and we have found TUNE IT does not dampen the tone at all while keeping the guitar in tune longer." 

Gary Brawer, owner of Brawer Repair, one of the most respected guitar repair shops in the world said this about our GRIP Winders:

"It's way nicer than anything out there. It's nice and smooth and feels solid gripping the tuners. I haven't found a tuner yet it does not fit"

SF Guitarworks, a respected top Guitar Repair Shop (San Francisco, CA) has this to say about FRINE:

"We've been using the MusicNomad fret polish for a while now, and are really happy with the performance. The frets shine up well, it doesn't mar lacquer, and is colorless on dark wood.  We like it!"

Justin Stabler, Guitar Tech for Ms. Lauryn Hill, Hall & Oates had this to see about TUNE-IT:

I have to say, Tune It is AWESOME !! I've tried a number of different lubricants and by far this makes a huge difference. Very impressed.

Deering Banjos, The Great American Banjo Company had this to say about our GRIP Winder:

"We instantly loved the GRIP Winder the first time we used it on our Banjos. It’s a high quality product! The dual bearing comfort handle was so smooth when winding. Also the versatility of the peg head design allowed it to fit on our smallest and biggest tuners. Thanks for your great design MusicNomad.”  

Musician Justin W. had this to say about our Cradle Cube neck support:

The Cradle Cube has instantly become a necessity. Best accessory created since the string winder. I seriously can't believe I ever got along with out this!

Patrice Vigier, an innovative and high quality guitar luthier that produces Vigier Guitars had this to say about the GRIP Winder:

It is simply the best I've ever seen............I LOVE it!

Musician Art K. emailed us after using our products for the first time.
"In 40 years of playing you have the best cleaning products bar none!"
Guitar Tech, Chrys Roberts, who supports international touring acts dropped an email:
"Just wanted to say I love your products. Great stuff from polishes and oils to tools and gadgets."
Eddie Marsh the Guitar Tech for both Iron Maiden and Steve Harris's British Lion project sent us some love:

"MusicNomad's product range is some of the best I've seen and used in years, whether it's using their guitar polishes or their innovative handy tech tools! MusicNomad is my go to Company."

Martyn Evans a Professional Touring Tech for many international bands said:

"As soon as I put these products into action it was clear to me that MusicNomad is a company that has had thorough experience in maintaining musical instruments. Well thought out and I really couldn't imagine using anything else. The Cradle Cube, Nomad Tool and The One Polish are just some of my favourites that are a must when it comes to working on guitars."

Korey Prescott, Guitar Tech for Joe Nichols and others posted on Instagram about MusicNomad:

"I'm very particular about cleanliness and quality. These guys knock it out of the park." 

Donnie Spada, Guitar Tech for Pearl Jam, 311 and No Doubt had this to say about us:

"For the last month or so I have been using your products. The Guitar One, Tune It , Frine, F-One oil, neck cradle and string winder. All of these products are top notch. Thanks MusicNomad for making great products and for keeping things fresh with great ideas. Forever a customer. Donnie"

Andres Lecaros, Guitar Tech for Slayer and others posted a nice note on Instagram:

"I would like to say thank you to MusicNomad as their product is hands down the best product under one umbrella!!! From fret wire cleaning to winding on and off strings, cleaning and conditioning the fretboard. I love using MusicNomad on tour. Please check out your local music store for all their fine product..... I trust with expensive guitars"

Roger Sadowsky, who is known for "being one of the industry's master craftsmen" posted this review of our GRIP Winder on his Facebook Page:

"This Grip Winder is hands down, the best winder I have ever used. Although the design of the head has been around a long time, the blue rubber coating on the Grip Winder makes all the difference in the world. It reduces the winder head from slipping off the tuner knob, especially on bass tuners like Cloverleaf or Lollypop style. It also does not scratch tuner buttons. The icing on the cake is the the dual bearing handle. It is like power steering. Highly Recommended."

String Theory Guitar Repair (Mount Juliet, TN) had this to say about Tune-It:

"I've used all the products out there that claim to lubricate string friction points on guitars. They've all worked ok but most leave residue, dry out or slightly dampen the strings. I started using this stuff in my guitar repair shop, String Theory Guitar Repair, and it's unlike any other product I have used before. A little goes a long way and I've already noticed that it all but eliminates return to pitch issues when using tremolos. I use it on every instrument that crosses my bench now. I use it on bridge saddle, nuts, string trees and even on the exposed gears in open back tuners. Great stuff!"

Sander Veenstra, guitar tech for Saxon had this to say about our GRIP String Cutters:

"This is the best string cutter I've used in years. Goes through strings like a knife through butter. Couldn't be more satisfied then I am now. Thanks MusicNomad for all your quality stuff."

Highly respected guitar brand, D'Angelico Guitars:

"We use at least one MusicNomad product on every instrument that disembarks our facility."

Glen Wolff, Customer Service Manager at Taylor Guitars had this to say about our GRIP Winder's:

I love discovering a great product that we can recommend to our customers. The MusicNomad GRIP Winder is definitely on that list. It's nice to see a reengineered version of a basic tool that works so well it makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. The soft rubber bit gently cradles every tuner button we use on our various models and the handle spins as smooth as a skateboard wheel. It's just great! 
And if you want to move really fast, get the GRIP Bit - Peg Winder Attachment for your drill. That's what I use to restring my own guitars. 

Dan Cleary, Guitar Tech for Janes Addiction, had this to say about the Guitar ONE:

I have been touring for 10+ years and MusicNomad makes by far the best polish out there. It’s the only thing I use to keep Jane's Addication's guitars looking sharp. And it smells SO damn good.

Maple Byrne, guitar collector, historian, and tech to Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller, among others had this to say about our Nomad Tool Set.

“My collection has never been so dust-free….life changing!"

Chaz with Michael Kelly Guitars

We use MusicNomad products exclusively in our QC/Setup shop including their great cleaning supplies and well designed/rugged Luthier tools.

Ian Roberts, Guitar Tech for Dustin Lynch had to say about our String Fuel:

"I can personally vouch for how amazing String Fuel works. It’s used multiple times a day on about 8 guitars on our tour, and I’ll never hand off a guitar to our players without applying it first."

Chris Davis, Luthier/Owner, BR Frets had to say about our TUNE IT lubricant:

"Just wanted to take a minute to tell you guys how much we love the Tune-It product. Our techs choose what products they want to use from the products we provide. Tune-it has made it onto every bench in the shop and is now part of every job we do that requires slacking the strings. We use it on acoustics and electrics in the nuts and on the saddles. Also the under side of string trees, especially helpful with trem systems. Helps guitars get in tune and stay in tune. Thank you for a great product."