6 'n 1 Vinyl Record Cleaning & Care Kit

Item Number: MN890

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Designed by our team in Sonoma, CA (USA). We didn't just go buy small off the shelf common designs that can be found in many other kits. We felt we had to design from scratch the ultimate cleaning tools

Our 3 'n 1 design starts with a super soft synthetic dust brush (brown) to detail everything but the record and needle. Then use our directional, unique cleaning pad (black) that lifts and traps the dust off your record. The black pad doubles as your cleaning solution applicator to clean your record. After applying the cleaner, flip it around to use our special drying material (grey). The innovative ergonomic handle gives you unmatched control and comfort you will appreciate

Our 2 'n 1 Stylus and Dust Remover Brush is like no other. With 20,000 micro bristles designed to clean your stylus and an engraved reminder on the handle for which direction to clean to avoid stylus damage. Turn it around to use our special V-Cut Bristle design with 3 rows to quickly and efficiently remove dust from the cleaning pad. The large ergonomic handle is an unmatched feature adding to the enjoyment of your cleaning experience

MADE IN USA ANTI-STATIC FORMULA: This is not a sample size but a large 120mL/4 oz. proprietary cleaning solution designed to remove fingerprints, grime and static from your record for the best listening experience

This kit comes in a beautiful storage box you can display proudly on your shelf or coffee table as an accessory.

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Product Story

MusicNomad has set a new higher standard for what you should expect when you buy a Vinyl Record Cleaning & Care Kit. Each product is so well thought out that you will appreciate each 6 'n 1 feature & benefit it brings to help your records look, sound and play the best. 


Luis F. wrote an Amazon review on the Vinyl Record Cleaning and Care Kit:

All you need is in this kit. Easy to follow directions and the quality and effectiveness of the tools included are quite good. I don’t know how they can price it this low. I have spent considerably more on products, tools, and kits that are nowhere as effective nor as well designed, engineered, and manufactured.

The MusicNomad kit is easy and quick to use, and the results are very impressive. If you care about your vinyl collection, this is a must-have.

Bonus points to MusicNomad for packaging everything in a very nice box with step-by-step directions and pictures on the back. Highly recommended.

Scott Flanagin @soundtracksunday had this to say about our Vinyl Record Cleaning and Care Kit:

I’ve been using the MusicNomad vinyl cleaning and care kit and wanted to say that it’s really an excellent product. It is all very well made and feels just right in your hand. I usually use an anti-static brush before spinning every record, but this cleaning pad will replace that for me. And if something needs a quick clean, the solution and pad make it very easy. Having a drying pad on the other side works well and means no real wait time to play the record. The duster on the end is a great addition. All the other areas of a turntable get dusty and are hard to clean. This gets right in there safely and effectively. Another thing I love is the cleaning brush provided to remove the dust from the cleaning pad.