Music Nomad Care Testimonials

We have been featured in the most premier music magazines around the globe and have not paid for any of these placements.
Here are a few of them.

Here are a few Testimonials & Reviews on our Product. We have set out to perfect all our proprietary formulas and product designs to bring musicians, repair techs and instrument dealers the best line up of products help their gear look, sound and play the best.

Jimmie M. left this review on Amazon about our Tri-Beam 3 'n 1 Dual Notched Straightedge & Precision Straightedge:

This is an essential tool for guitarist who want to take care of their instruments. This is arguably the best and most versatile. You can find other versions of these tools in the market, some cheaper, some way more expensive, but you would have to buy three different ones to get the same functionality and utility as this one. This is a no-brainer, great purchase.

Derek Bromley, musician, posted about the Keep It Simple Setup (KISS)™ 6 pc. Set:

There are certain things (many things) better left to a pro, but being able to do my own basic setups has been game changing. MusicNomad is da bomb!

PL left this review on Amazon about our Precision Fret Rocker+ and Fret Gauge Kit:

MusicNomad makes excellent and well thought out products. They print helpful reminders on the tools for us non-professionals who don’t use these on a daily basis. This set was awesome, easy to use, and the instructions are clear and concise.

Erik B. left this review on Amazon about our Fret Rocker+:

Very Useful! One of the most used tools in the shop. It's got all the relevant information and measurements etched on it. 

Lawrence left this review on Amazon about our Fret Beveling File (B-File):

Great tool for cleaning up fret sprout. Yes, there are similar tools, but not like this. This beveler has a radiused surface that conforms to the guitar neck better than a flat-bottomed bevel tool. The file angles were chosen to create optimum playability. 

Armen from La Grande, OR wrote a Sweetwater review on the Fret Beveling File (B-File):

B-File, Be Good. This is a very nicely made and finished product. Fits well in your hand and works perfectly edging and beveling the frets. Leaves a real professional look and feel to your neck. Gets rid of those little rough edges that eat fingers. 

Kevin Welch left this review on Amazon about our 17.6” Fret Leveling L-Beam:

Superb quality, easy to use, and performs great. I expected solid quality but was blown away by how well-made this product is. The ergonomics are comfortable and make leveling frets simple.

Kraekens posted this on Youtube about our Fret Crowning File (S-File):

Been using 5 crowning brands and this is the best by far.

Lepramatous left this review on Amazon about our Fret Crowning File (S-File):

This is easily the best crowning file I’ve ever used… and I have a lot of them including SM Z files, MN dagger 2.0, Hosco (x4) and many from other places. This beats all of them in literally every respect. It’s extremely ergonomic, crushes even ultra flattened frets post leveling, and really prevents you from messing up at every turn. I can’t praise this enough. I’ll buy another one just to have on hand when this one dies.

Dusty Gregg of Gregg Guitars had this to say about our Fret End Dressing File (E-File):

This new file is awesome! I love the safe edges. It doesn't try to dig into the wood like a lot of other files do.

Jeff R. emailed us about our "S-File" Fret Crowning File:

As an Aerospace machinist for 39 years, this is absolutely brilliant! I purchased one and I will purchase another one soon in case mine ever wears out! Please never stop making them! Why nobody ever thought of this before is beyond me. Amazing product. AAA+++

Walker Doubleday of Doubleday Guitars had this to say about our Fret Crowning File (S-File):

This new Fret Crowning File is a game changer!! The safe zone strip down the center of the file allows for absolutely perfect crowning each and every time. The diamond grit shapes the sides of the fret smoothly and quickly when filing in both directions with no chatter, and there is no risk of going too far! And at a price point far more attainable than some other guys, I know which one I’ll be reaching for with every fret job! Good work on this one guys!!!

The B String Guitar Shop (Winston Salem, NC) had this to say about our Fret Crowning File (S-File):

We got 2 for our shop and our #1 tech said to “throw the other ones out “!

Geoff Luttrell Master Guitar Tech of Sonoma County Guitarworks and SF Guitarworks had this to say about our Fret Crowning File (S-File):

The MusicNomad S-File is a real game changer in Fret Crowning. It takes the usual learning curve from weeks or months down to a matter of hours. Unlike traditional fret files the S-File allows you to both feel and hear the change when you are finished with your Fret Crowning.

Chris, owner and Master Guitar Tech of Third Coast Guitar (Chicago, IL), a top repair shop in the Midwest had this to say about our Diamond Coated, Safe Zone Fret Crowning File (S-File):

This file makes doing crowning work a ton easier. The crowning is the absolute most tedious and damaging to your hands of almost any other work we do, and this file takes a lot of the sting out. It will make novices better and pros more effective at this work in my opinion.

Chad Fitzpatrick, Sweetwater Guitar Workshop had this to say about our Fret Crowning File (S-File):

This file is amazing! I’ve been teaching people how to properly crown files for almost 20 years, and this file shaves the learning curve from weeks to hours! It’s faster, consistent, and so easy to use!

Geoff Luttrell master guitar tech of Sonoma County Guitarworks and SF Guitarworks had this to say about our Fret End Dressing Tool (E-File):

As far as fret files go, I think this is the best one out there. This file has a great handle. It’s rubberized and ergonomic. It’s got a great grit structure on the abrasive edges for a clean cut. It has a real nice radius on one side, opposite the flat polish side and the end is rounded.

Gary Brawer, owner of Brawer Repair, one of the most respected guitar repair shops in the world said this about our Fret End Dressing File (E-File):

I was so happy to finally find an awesome diamond fret rounding file. It makes the job much easier.

The Galloup School @galloup_school had this to say about our Fret Beveling File (B-File):

What a great tool!

Bryan Parris @parrisguitars had this to say about our Fret Beveling File (B-File):

On our third guitar with the B-file and it's the best I've ever used. And I've tried a bunch!

Hugh Thomas of 13th Street Guitars tested the Diamond Coated Fret End Dressing File for 6 months:

It's nice to have a premium fret end file. The handle, the diamond grit, and the smooth edges all work great. I also really like to use this file after cutting fret tangs to smooth them out.

Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars had this to say about our Bass Fret Shield™:
"After 45 years of taping up fingerboards with masking tape, MusicNomad comes to the rescue with their amazing Fret Shields. From re-crowning, sanding and polishing frets, the Fret Shield is the perfect time saving accessory! And thank you for not forgetting us bass makers!"
Matt Kennedy, Guitar Tech for Morgan Wallen, emailed us about our Guitar ONE:
"Whatever you guys put in “The One” polish is magic! I spray the neck of Morgan and Tyler’s guitars with that before every single guitar change during a show."
KC from New Port Richey, FL wrote a Sweetwater review on the Fret Leveler L-Beam:
Perfect for fretboard and fret leveling on guitars. Pretty much all my luthier tools are from Stew Mac which can be very expensive but MusicNomad has been on my radar. The shape of this leveler is very comfortable to my hand and cheaper compared to the competitors. I hope they continue to make luthier tools that affordable but also take it further with a better design.
Geoff Luttrell, Master Guitar Tech of SF and Sonoma County Guitarworks had this to say about our Fret Leveling L-Beams:

"Over the years I've used all the available leveling beams, including having them custom machined, and I think the L-Beams are the best ones out there. The hourglass design is easy to control and is comfortable in the hand and the length of the beams is spot on for the jobs I do. To prevent dinging frets, the edges are beveled, which is a nice touch. For ease of sandpaper removal, and ultimate accuracy, the sanding surfaces are beautifully machined. The weight is right, and they are really great to work with. They are my go-to beams for all my leveling jobs."

Chad Fitzpatrick, Sweetwater Guitar Workshop

The whole Guitar Shop team is excited about an affordable leveling beam!!! Really impressive quality!

Duncan McCrerie, McCrerie Guitars had to say about our Fret Shield™:

I just started using The MusicNomad Fret Shields and I’m very impressed with the results. I no longer have to mask up the fretboard, which saves me money on tape and more importantly time. I currently own 2 and will be acquiring more soon.

David J. Sucher had to say about our Fret Shield™:

The Fret Shield is a must have tool.
In my personal experience with the Fretboard Shield, I have found it to be an incredibly useful tool. As someone who enjoys working on guitars and doing maintenance on my own instruments, I have often found myself hesitant to tackle tasks that involve filing or sanding the frets due to the risk of damaging the fretboard. However, since using the Fret Shield, I have felt much more confident in my ability to work on the neck without causing any harm to the fretboard.
The Shield is easy to apply and remove, and it fits snugly over the fretboard, providing excellent protection while still allowing you to access the frets. I have also found that the Shield is durable and can withstand multiple uses without showing any signs of wear or tear, and I have used it to sand, file and buff frets. Fret Shield sets up in a matter of seconds - no more 10 minute taping jobs - this allows me to stay focused on the task at hand - also, taking off the tape is no longer an issue, which allows you to get to the next task quicker when setting up your instrument.
Overall, I highly recommend the Fret Shield for anyone who wants to protect their fretboard while working on their guitar neck. It is a well designed and durable tool that has made a significant difference in my ability to maintain and improve the playability of my instruments.

Matt Gearhart, Big Red Guitar Lessons & Repairs had to say about our Fret Shields™:

These are such time savers! They have already paid for themselves with just a few fret jobs. I am saving a ton of tape since there are multiple sizes to fit just about every fretboard out there. The fret shields are well made and an instant all-star in the shop. Well done MusicNomad!

Matt Kennedy, Touring Tech for Morgan Wallen had to say about our GRIP ONE:

Finally an all-in-one string changing tool that actually works. The bearing design on these are the best I’ve seen, making this more durable than any of its competitors on the market. It’s called the “GRIP ONE" but everyone needs two of these.

Geoff Luttrell, master guitar tech of Sonoma County Guitarworks and SF Guitarworks had this to say about our 3 ‘n 1 Straightedge Tri-Beam that he tested for over a year:

So all day long, I'm checking for flatness, measuring things and checking scale length and the Tri-beam has been indispensable for that. It has really simplified my day by having 1 tool hanging on my bench rather than having to go find a ruler, straightedge or do the math to measure scale length.  Also, what I really like about the Tri-Beam is the accuracy of the edges. I also like the triangular form factor. It makes it very easy to hold when assessing a neck for flatness or using the SAE or Metric ruler.

Geoff Luttrell, master guitar tech of Sonoma County Guitarworks and SF Guitarworks had this to say about our Fret Shields that he tested for over a year:

We have used them on 100’s of necks and they are great. They have sped up my workday and made achieving the quality results I want much, much easier.

Gary Brawer, a highly respected repair tech, road tested the Fret Shields for months and this is what he had to say about them:

It saves me a lot of time versus taping the board. What is even more incredible is the peace of mind when I work on a maple fingerboard that I will not put a scratch, sanding mark or gouge when polishing the frets.

drfonta on Youtube posted this review about our Keep It Simple Setup (KISS)™ Tools and Videos:

I completely re-setup 4 of my electric guitars from the first step using your KISS method and WOW what a difference! Intonation is spot on and the guitars all play in perfect tune all the way up and down the neck. Getting the nut filed/set correctly was huge and even the truss rod was off on all of them! Knowledge is power so thank you for putting these easy to understand videos and a great set of tools to do this with.

Scott Flanagin @soundtracksunday had this to say about our Vinyl Record Cleaning and Care Kit:

I’ve been using the MusicNomad vinyl cleaning and care kit and wanted to say that it’s really an excellent product. It is all very well made and feels just right in your hand. I usually use an anti-static brush before spinning every record, but this cleaning pad will replace that for me. And if something needs a quick clean, the solution and pad make it very easy. Having a drying pad on the other side works well and means no real wait time to play the record. The duster on the end is a great addition. All the other areas of a turntable get dusty and are hard to clean. This gets right in there safely and effectively. Another thing I love is the cleaning brush provided to remove the dust from the cleaning pad.

See what Alex Alcocer, Luthier and Guitar tech for Chris Stapleton had to say about our GRIP Winder:

I have been repairing instruments professionally for 16 years and didn't think anyone could or would make a better winder than I had been using until trying the MusicNomad GRIP winder MN221. It's simply the best one I have ever used. Highly recommend it.

See what John Larrivée Jr. with Larrivée Guitars had to say about MusicNomad:

From diamond-coated nut files to their amazing Acousti-Lok strap holders, Larrivée trusts the quality and performance of MusicNomad products for production use and resale in our Pro Shop.

Russell Collins, Luthier & Master Instrument Technician at Collins Music had to say about our nut files:

I'd like to compliment MusicNomad on the shear excellence of design and quality.
They elevate ones ability, pleasure and quality of nut creation to it's full potential.

Luis F. wrote an Amazon review on the Vinyl Record Cleaning and Care Kit:

All you need is in this kit. Easy to follow directions and the quality and effectiveness of the tools included are quite good. I don’t know how they can price it this low. I have spent considerably more on products, tools, and kits that are nowhere as effective nor as well designed, engineered, and manufactured.

The MusicNomad kit is easy and quick to use, and the results are very impressive. If you care about your vinyl collection, this is a must-have.

Bonus points to MusicNomad for packaging everything in a very nice box with step-by-step directions and pictures on the back. Highly recommended.

by Skip Online Review on our MN223 GRIP ONE String Winder:

"Hands down the best manual string winder out there. I've used D'addario, Dunlop, Planet Waves, and generic winders.”

@Enrique0166 commented on IG about our Guitar ONE

So I never thought that I could completely get rid of my sweat from my guitar necks but after one application of the ONE, all of my guitar necks feel brand new!!! And I’ve been using competitors stuff for year and nothing worked!

D. Davis commented on Youtube about our MN609 KISS Setup Starter Kit

"Wow I just setup an Ibanez Talman with all of the tools except the files which I have ordered for my Les Paul. I followed the video to a T and Wala! it has actually made me sound like a better player by making the guitar play better and sound better. Thanks for the Video it's a great help!"

Posted on Instagram by Luthier Peter N.

"It was time to retire yet another set of nut files. So I opted for the MusicNomad diamond nut files. Reasonably priced compared to some other brand diamond files. They also comes in a very practical storage box, thank you very much! I did a test run and they cut at least twice as fast as my old files. And I tested an almost unused gauge from the old set."

Justin Yates, a musician emailed us about our Acousti-Lok:

"This product is amazing and is exactly what I have been looking for.  I’ve been using this Acousti-Lok for over a year now and can only say good things.  It is very affordable, super easily to install, and it isn’t some clunky additional attachment you have to mount to the guitar.  You install it and you are done.  Simple & easy.  It’s also so small that it won’t cause an issue when pulling your instrument in and out of its travel case. Music Nomad saw this issue and have made a product that solves it better than any other on the market.  

The Acousti-Lok is a total game changer if you are a Taylor Guitar owner who NEEDS strap locks on your guitar but can’t due to Taylor’s Battery Box. 

Music Nomad’s Acousti-Lok = 10 out of 10!"

Joe Pitz, musician emailed us about our Precision Setup Gauge Set:

Hello MusicNomad,

I just started playing guitar a few months ago. I read the instructions and watched your online videos.  I just setup two guitars using the setup kit.  I am so very pleased with how easy your instructions were to follow and the quality of the tools that you included in the kit. It is obvious how much thought and design you have put into your product line.

Thanks so much

Joe Pitz

Chris Click, musician emailed us about our KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS)™ Starter Kit Bundle :

New bassist here and I just did my first setup yesterday when the starter bundle I ordered arrived. Super easy to follow instructions and tools and my bass plays great. The videos were all super helpful too. 

Breedlove Guitars head repair guru, Evan Manthei recommends MusicNomad:

"There are several types of small spray bottle cleaners on the market – the one I recommend the most is MusicNomad Guitar Detailer – it is a cleaner that is oil and polish free and can be used on either satin or gloss finish."

Suhr, one of the finest makers of hand-crafted guitars, uses our Diamond Coated Nut Files in production and had this to say about them:
“These are stellar in every way."
Drummer Erick Fernandez emailed us his thoughts on our Cymbal Cleaner

"Bling-Bling! It sounds as beautiful as it looks. This is a great cymbal cleaner and more environmentally friendly. One of my favorite things about this is the how I don’t feel like I must use gloves: it’s less caustic nature. I also like the layer of coating it seems to leave on the cymbal after cleaning. The lower volume wash of the cymbal after cleaning is beautiful."

Tom Reardon touring Guitar Technician for Pop Evil had this to say about our Nut Files:

"After years of using the “other guys” nut slotting files, I’ve officially retired them after using MusicNomad’s Diamond Coated Nut File set. They deliver the consistent quality needed for keeping my clients touring guitars in optimum playing condition and make nut adjustments / nut slotting a breeze"

Jeff Cummings touring tech for Anthrax Stage Right had this to say about our 6 pc. Precision Setup Gauge Set:

“To have a compact kit with feeler and radius gauges makes it so much easier to get all the instruments I deal with dialed in on the go. Every musician or tech should have this in their tool kit or guitar case to make sure their adjustments are on point.” 

Mike Airey, Keyboard Tech/Stage Manager for Deep Purple had to say about our piano products:

Whether in the studio or out on the road with Deep Purple I always reach for the MusicNomad piano products to keep our organs, synths and pianos looking as great as they sound

John Douglas touring tech for Suicide Silence & Born of Osiris had this to say about our 6 pc. Precision Setup Gauge Set:

After using this on a couple dozen setups this last month; I’ve fallen in love with this kit!! The absolute game changer is the String Action Guide, which is inverted in color (white on black instead of black on silver) and reading this for exact measurements absolutely rules especially when in dim lighting. Everything you need to setting measurements is in this set, and even has a little bit of extra room in the case where I keep a block for Floyd bridges and my MusicNomad Tune-It! This set now lives in my tech box full time, and it should absolutely be in yours!
Thank you again MusicNomad for changing the game in instrument care tools.

Chris, owner and Master Guitar of Third Coast Guitar (Chicago, IL), a top repair shop in the Midwest had this to say about our Precision String Action Gauge:
"The MusicNomad String Action Gauge is great and so easy to see the lines compared to standard gray metal gauges. They are now our standard setup measuring tool on every bench." 
Roger Sadowsky of the well respected Sadowsky Guitars had this to say about our Diamond Coated Nut Files:
"I have been waiting over 40 years for someone to make a nut file this good….especially for bass guitars! MusicNomad sent me a sample to evaluate and I could not be happier with the design and how well this file works. I was so impressed, I ordered 4 complete sets of guitar and bass files for myself and my crew."
Acoustic Guitar Magazine picked our Acousti-Lok Strap Lock Adapter as one of the best guitar accessories in 2020

"If you’ve ever had your guitar slip off your strap, or just live in fear of it happening, then look for the MusicNomad Acousti-Lok. It replaces your acoustic-electric guitar’s endpin jack with a clever device that allows you to use a strap lock with a guitar fitted with an output jack/strap button."

Caleb Smart, Senior Tech at Sweetwater's Guitar Gallery had this to say about our Precision Gauges:

"The MusicNomad Feeler Gauges are a game changer. They take away the hassle of fumbling through a bunch of gauges with an oily mess. They have the most common size gauges I need to get the job done fast, without the oily mess and it comes with a thick pick to act like a capo which is a huge plus!" 

Sweetwater (Fort Wayne, IN) founder and CEO Chuck Surack said this about MusicNomad via email to the Sonoma Index Tribune for an article on MusicNomad:

“They are totally unique in the products they offer. Sweetwater is proud to represent MusicNomad products and counts on them for being such a great supplier.”

Frank Navarro, Director of Guitar Gallery, for Sweetwater Sound (Fort Wayne, IN)

"The quality and versatility of MusicNomad products make it a go to brand in Sweetwater's Guitar Gallery. We inspect and work on thousands of guitars a week, so we depend on products that last and deliver great results consistently."

Geoff Luttrell, Owner-Guitar Tech of SF & Sonoma County Guitar Works had this to say about our Nut Height Gauge:

"In my 20 plus years of doing setups, I have used every complicated nut height gauge out there from digital to dials, and I have come back to loving this hassle-free, easy to use and accurate MusicNomad Nut Height Gauge."

Geoff Luttrell, Owner-Guitar Tech of SF & Sonoma County Guitar Works had this to say about our Radius Gauge:

It is already hard enough to see if the string is touching the radius gauge, but having a black finish on the MusicNomad Radius Gauge makes it way easier to see than traditional silver radius gauges. 

Geoff Luttrell, Owner-Guitar Tech of SF & Sonoma County Guitar Works had this to say about our precision String Action Gauge:

The white lines really pop out of the black background and is much easier to see than traditional string action gauges. We use it constantly every day and I don’t think you will find a better one out there.

Chris, owner and Master Guitar Tech of Third Coast Guitar Repair (Chicago, IL), a top USA repair shop, sent us his thoughts on our Diamond Coated Nut Files:
I can't believe how great these files are and the thought that went into their design. The price is so great we have 7 sets on pre order.The rigidity alone makes them better than any other nut file I have used. The diamond cut makes the file react to the pressure applied extremely accurately and there is no waste in the cutting surface. You don't have 6 inches of file that you only use 2 inches of. That and the fact that the cutting edge of the file is shaped like a string makes so much sense, I can't believe no one ever thought of it before.
Geoff Luttrell, Owner-Guitar Tech of SF & Sonoma County Guitar Works had this to say about our Nut Files:

We have been testing daily the MusicNomad Nut Files for the last few months and as far as I am concerned they are a real GAME CHANGER. I have used everything out there. They do not skate, bend or break which are all issues with existing files and the diamond coating combined with the round blade design gives you smooth, precision cuts every time.  

Don Middleton, Owner of DONS Music Land Peoria IL

I'm been doing Music Retail for 52 years now. MusicNomad is the Best In the Business when it comes keeping your Instrument in perfect running condition. Every product they develop hits the spot. Thank you MusicNomad product team keep up the good work.

Simon P., musician emailed us about our FRINE Fret Polish and F-ONE Oil:

I recently purchased the MusicNomad FRINE Fret Polishing Kit from a local guitar shop that has an online store. I'd heard good things about it and couldn't wait to give it a try. As soon as the kit arrived I ripped my strings off my guitar, selected the correct size fret guard and applied the polish to the cloth. With really little effort my frets began to shine like they hadn't shined since the guitar was new! I also bought the F-one fretboard oil to clean the fretboard. The F-one oil brought my ebony fingerboard back to life and it now looks amazing!

After putting new strings back on the guitar, I don't think it's ever felt so good or so fast! I can't believe how much it made a difference to clean the frets. It not only looks brand new again, but it honestly feels like there's no friction when sliding or bending. I change my strings regularly and I know how good new strings feel, but this is something else. It just makes me want to play and play.

Justin Trotta the touring tech for The Used & Miguel had to say about our Fretboard Care Kit:

The Fretboard Care Kit is a great way to quickly clean the grease and grime of those unfinished fretboards, I use it every string change for that reason, the F1 oil cuts through the grease while also conditioning your board, must have for those sweaty guitar hands!

Justin Trotta the touring tech for The Used & Miguel had to say about our Premium Guitar Tech Set:

The Premium Guitar Tech Screwdriver And Wrench set is great, with its compact case and Octopus tech tool, is great for any screws on any guitar as well as the Octopus head allows you to tighten anything with a nut on your guitar, be it your tuning pegs, or your input jacks, the spanner included allows your to quickly tighten your potentiometers without having to remove any knobs off your guitar, while protecting your guitars finish with the microfiber backing on it, a must have for all touring guitar techs

Diego the touring tech for Underøath, Chromeo & FEVER333 had to say about our Premium Spanner Wrench:

As techs we're all familiar with spanner wrenches and how useful they are for getting off knobs, tightening nuts, and adjusting those odd vintage splined washers. But this one is the king of spanners. The felt underneath prevents scratches, and it's stronger and thinner than any other wrench in the market right now. MusicNomad refines yet another necessary tool, fixing things we didn't even know needed fixing!

Diego the touring tech for Underøath, Chromeo & FEVER333 had to say about our Premium Guitar Tech Set:

I absolutely love this set! It's everything I need to do a setup and then some. This is in my desert island toolset for sure. All the allen wrench sizes and screwdriver types I need with no fluff like most of us techs are use to having in our workboxes, just what we absolutely need to use on a guitar-to-guitar basis. The Octopus 8-in-1 tool is an absolute gamechanger for me. No longer having to have a huge amount of workbox real estate crowded by stand alone tools is a massive benefit to me when I need to find something quickly. The carrying case is well laid out, beautiful, and rock solid for touring. The included Spanner Wrench is incredible, again saving me space in my fly workbox that is always at a premium, while allowing me to maximize what work I can do!

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our Unfinished Fretboard Care Kit

Night after night on the road, maintaining an instrument can take a toll. The Fretboard Care Kit is necessary to keep fretboards clean on tour. I couldn’t do it without MusicNomad.

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our Premium Truss Rod Wrenches

Reliable and safe, the Premium Truss Rods are great. I wouldn’t expect anything less from MusicNomad.

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our Premium Spanner Wrench

I’d be lost without something as simple as my Spanner Wrench, this little tool allows you to work safely on your guitar, helping me keep things in tip top shape for my artist.

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our GRIP Guards

The GRIP Guards are a great way to protect the fretboard while cleaning frets on any instrument. This is one tool I can’t live without.

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our GRIP Bit

With this nifty little gadget, it takes no time to restring a guitar. It is the only thing I’ll use when it comes to removing or putting stings on any instrument for any artist I work for.

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our Guitar Tech Screwdriver & Wrench Set

The Guitar Tech Set is the total package. I take the Guitar Tech Set to every job to keep on top of my artist’s instruments. MusicNomad helps me bring my services to the next level and I could not do it without them night after night!

HooGie the touring tech for Shinedown had to say about our GRIP Puller

With the GRIP Puller, it makes restringing an acoustic guitar like a dream. Not sure how I ever lived without this thing on my work bench

Taylor Guitars recommends Acousti-Lok as a strap lock solution for Acoustic Guitars in this blog post:
Emery the touring tech for Dan + Shay said about our GRIP Puller:

"The MusicNomad GRIP Bridge Pin Puller is a genius little tool. It takes absolutely zero effort to pull even the most stubborn of pins, with no risk of damaging the guitar. Without a doubt, this is the best tool for pulling bridge pins."

Will Dorsey, Drummer for Body Count & Drum Tech for Offspring had to say about our Cymbal Cleaner:

I just wanted to say i think your Cymbal Cleaner is the best! I use it for both of my bands and absolutely makes my cymbals look great!

Chris Davis, Luthier/Owner, BR Frets had to say about our TUNE IT lubricant:

"Just wanted to take a minute to tell you guys how much we love the Tune-It product. Our techs choose what products they want to use from the products we provide. Tune-it has made it onto every bench in the shop and is now part of every job we do that requires slacking the strings. We use it on acoustics and electrics in the nuts and on the saddles. Also the under side of string trees, especially helpful with trem systems. Helps guitars get in tune and stay in tune. Thank you for a great product."

Scott Meli emailed us about their experience using String Fuel:

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great product (String Fuel)! I was curious to try the product after I received a recent email for the product. I used the product on all my guitars and basses and absolutely love what it does. In addition to a great sound, it provides a quick surface on the neck (without greasy residue). Through the years I’ve tried most products and found limited success with all of them. String Fuel is the real deal!"

Ian Roberts, Guitar Tech for Dustin Lynch had to say about our String Fuel:

"I can personally vouch for how amazing String Fuel works. It’s used multiple times a day on about 8 guitars on our tour, and I’ll never hand off a guitar to our players without applying it first."

An Amazon review 9/9/19 had this to say about Tune-It:

"Using this on the nut made the difference between tuning every song and tuning every set."

Rich Redmond, Drummer for Jason Aldean had this to say about our Cymbal Cleaner:

Everyone asks about cleaning cymbals. Best product in the world for this is MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner!

Ed Sine, Wild Acoustic Music Co, Evergreen, CO had to say about our String Fuel:

"We are a big fans of String Fuel at Wild Acoustic Music in Evergreen, Colorado.  Customers come in our shop and demo guitars frequently, after they’ve played for a while I’ll put swipe the strings with String Fuel.  This does 2 things:  1) It makes the guitar play better and 2) It demonstrates how the product works and helps sell it.  I find that many times when a guitar sale occurs, String Fuel is included in the sale." 

Brian T., a musician, posted this about Acousti-Lok:

"Every once in a while a manufacturer creates a product that solves a problem, in this case it’s MusicNomad. They sell three versions of the Acousti-Lok. I won a Taylor version and was sold as soon as I installed it. Ordered three more the next day."

Chris Van Sickle emailed us about his TAYLOR® EXPRESSION SYSTEM® Acousti-Lok:

This is a FANTASTIC product! I love that it requires no modification to my new Taylor Guitar and lets me use the Schaller strap locks I've trusted for years.

Chaz with Michael Kelly Guitars

We use MusicNomad products exclusively in our QC/Setup shop including their great cleaning supplies and well designed/rugged Luthier tools.

Brian from KoAloha, fine crafted Ukulele’s made in Hawaii:

I have been using MusicNomad products for quite some time now on my own personal instruments. The results have always been great so I started purchasing the F-ONE oil and ONE cleaner for our factory use. We are now excited to offer these products through our showroom and educate our customers on proper ukulele maintenance.

David Brown, musician emailed us how our Humitar saved his $12,000 Guitar:

I purchased the Soundhole Humitar after I noticed that the backstrip that goes down the middle of the back of my Limited Edition Bryan Sutton Bourgeois Dreadnaught guitar was lower than the rest of the Brazilian Rosewood back in hopes that it would correct problem, and thanks to your product after two weeks of using the Humitar the backstrip is completely flush with the rest of the guitar back. I am so happy that I purchased the Humitar that I felt obligated to email you and tell you how much I love the product and how important it is to keep your precious expensive acoustic guitars properly humidified especially in the winter months. I had been using another product that wasn't getting the job done and now I feel safe because the Humitar really works as advertised.The best money I have ever spent to protect my $12,000.00 Bourgeois . Thanks again!

Frank Rodriguez Touring Tech for Shawn Mendes, Adam Sandler & Gwar had this to say about our Acousti-Loks:

"I love the simplicity of the Acousti-Loks! The fact that if you have an LR Baggs pickup or Taylor Expression pickup, you don’t have to modify your instruments to install them! As my artists run and jump on and off stage, the strap coming off is one less thing to worry about. It’s so great and convenient! It makes my job as a guitar tech A LOT easier and less stressful!! Thank you MusicNomad!! You nailed it!"

Justin Michael Weaver guitarist for Josh Turner had this to say about our Acousti-Lok:

“The Acousti-Lok has solved the issue of plugging in an acoustic guitar in a live environment. I switch instruments rapidly throughout a show-and I can not afford to have the strap come off of the 1/4” jack mid switch and cause me to frantically fumble around before the next song. Problem solved.”

Daniel, Kane Brown Touring Tech took Acousti-Lok on the road:

"Using the Acousti-Lok in a live performance setting every night gives me the confidence that my artist's equipment will always be safe and secure. With its sleek look and simple installation I couldn’t be happier and will be installing it on all acoustics I tech for and own."

Carl Hardin, Josh Turner Touring Tech took Acousti-Lok on the road:

"As a touring tech, I am always looking for products to keep my equipment safe, secure, and show ready. Having the Acousti-Lok with us on the road has been the greatest product you can ask for in a acoustic guitar. It allows you to have a locking strap, and not modify your instrument. Touring with country artists who use acoustic guitars worth several thousand dollars, this is a must have product that does not budge even after multiple hand offs and movement across the stage, and is non invasive to the instrument and is safe and easy to install. Will be adding these to my tool box and adding them to every acoustic instrument that we have out on the road!! Everything MusicNomad makes is gold and I'm beyond stoked there is a company out there as great as MusicNomad."

Maple Byrne, guitar collector, historian, and tech to Emmylou Harris and Buddy Miller, among others had this to say about our Nomad Tool Set.

“My collection has never been so dust-free….life changing!"

Gary F. emailed us about his MN701 Silver Polish experience on his Trumpet:

"I wanted to drop you a note to mention the very favorable experience I had with your Silver Polish. I am a comeback cornet/trumpet player who started playing some 57 years ago.  As you know, most silver polishes leave a white, chalky residue and exhibit a strong, unpleasant odor. I recently decided to purchase your Silver Polish,largely do the very favorable response I had with your Lacquer Polish. Your Silver Polish did not disappoint..I simply had to apply three (3) pea-sized drops to polish my silver Getzen trumpet. The shine was amazing! I commend and thank-you for manufacturing great products while keeping them affordable for everyone. You and your products show a true commitment to the musician."

Bill S. emailed us about our Pro Strength Guitar Polish:

"Holy Smokes!  I just used your Guitar Polish on a pawn shop find. Outrageous is the only word I can come up with to describe what your product has done to the dull neglected finish. MusicNomad is my new go-to for guitar care."

Drummer Phil Kibler emailed us:

"After using the MusicNomad Drum Detailer on my sacred Yamaha live customs, I have never used a product for polishing that is as easy to use, cleans the whole kit and shines everything show room new. Highly Recommended."

Eric Collier, Guitar Tech, for the well respected Russo Music (Asbury Park, NJ) had this to say our our Premium Spanner Wrench

"If I was trapped on a desert island with 1000 guitars to fix with only 5 tools it would be one of them"

Joel at Grant Guitars, a top repair shop in California had this to say about our Premium Spanner Wrench:

"I've been using the new spanner wrench here at the shop on a daily basis and I love it! Among it's many uses it's great for tightening round toggle switch nuts, and being a little thinner, it slides under most knobs easily to tighten loose pot nuts. Great product!"

Joel P., sent us an email:

"Hello, please pass this on to whom it applies: I wanted to write you… I was a long time user of Dunlop guitar care products.  I still really have nothing bad to say about them, after having used their polish, string cleaner, and fretboard cleaner & condition for years.  I never had a single issue with any Dunlop cleaner.   I also used to use GHS Fast Fret.  Your products are by FAR superior!  I have your Guitar One, Polish, Detailer, F-One Oil, and String Fuel.  I’m especially a fan of your Detailer, as I have both gloss and matte finished guitars, and this is safe for both. However, your String Fuel, and the fact that you offer refills is what introduced me to MusicNomad.  FINALLY, someone offered a string cleaner, that’s ACTUALLY the width of your neck, WORKS GREAT, and is refillable.  Your products shine far better, work far better, and overall, are simply outstanding! I just wanted to pass along my appreciation of what you do.  I truly think your products are hands-down, no contest, the absolute best on the market.

Dan Cleary, Guitar Tech for Janes Addiction, had this to say about the Guitar ONE:

I have been touring for 10+ years and MusicNomad makes by far the best polish out there. It’s the only thing I use to keep Jane's Addication's guitars looking sharp. And it smells SO damn good.

Glen Wolff, Customer Service Manager at Taylor Guitars had this to say about our GRIP Winder's:

I love discovering a great product that we can recommend to our customers. The MusicNomad GRIP Winder is definitely on that list. It's nice to see a reengineered version of a basic tool that works so well it makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. The soft rubber bit gently cradles every tuner button we use on our various models and the handle spins as smooth as a skateboard wheel. It's just great! 
And if you want to move really fast, get the GRIP Bit - Peg Winder Attachment for your drill. That's what I use to restring my own guitars. 

Highly respected guitar brand, D'Angelico Guitars:

"We use at least one MusicNomad product on every instrument that disembarks our facility."

Sander Veenstra, guitar tech for Saxon had this to say about our GRIP String Cutters:

"This is the best string cutter I've used in years. Goes through strings like a knife through butter. Couldn't be more satisfied then I am now. Thanks MusicNomad for all your quality stuff."

Andy Clements, drum tech, for Bring Me The Horizon had this to say about our Cymbal Cleaner:

"Consistently perfect results with the only product I'll ever use."

String Theory Guitar Repair (Mount Juliet, TN) had this to say about Tune-It:

"I've used all the products out there that claim to lubricate string friction points on guitars. They've all worked ok but most leave residue, dry out or slightly dampen the strings. I started using this stuff in my guitar repair shop, String Theory Guitar Repair, and it's unlike any other product I have used before. A little goes a long way and I've already noticed that it all but eliminates return to pitch issues when using tremolos. I use it on every instrument that crosses my bench now. I use it on bridge saddle, nuts, string trees and even on the exposed gears in open back tuners. Great stuff!"

Roger Sadowsky, who is known for "being one of the industry's master craftsmen" posted this review of our GRIP Winder on his Facebook Page:

"This Grip Winder is hands down, the best winder I have ever used. Although the design of the head has been around a long time, the blue rubber coating on the Grip Winder makes all the difference in the world. It reduces the winder head from slipping off the tuner knob, especially on bass tuners like Cloverleaf or Lollypop style. It also does not scratch tuner buttons. The icing on the cake is the the dual bearing handle. It is like power steering. Highly Recommended."

Andres Lecaros, Guitar Tech for Slayer and others posted a nice note on Instagram:

"I would like to say thank you to MusicNomad as their product is hands down the best product under one umbrella!!! From fret wire cleaning to winding on and off strings, cleaning and conditioning the fretboard. I love using MusicNomad on tour. Please check out your local music store for all their fine product..... I trust with expensive guitars"

Donnie Spada, Guitar Tech for Pearl Jam, 311 and No Doubt had this to say about us:

"For the last month or so I have been using your products. The Guitar One, Tune It , Frine, F-One oil, neck cradle and string winder. All of these products are top notch. Thanks MusicNomad for making great products and for keeping things fresh with great ideas. Forever a customer. Donnie"

John at Bitterroot Guitars after using our Frine Fret Polish on 135 Necks:

Last week we ordered 200 necks from one of our suppliers, the necks had nickel frets and some fairly poor fret polishing on them. They needed some TLC before so we could sell the necks, we used the one tube of FRINE to polish 135 necks so far. GREAT STUFF, and a little goes a long way. 

Korey Prescott, Guitar Tech for Joe Nichols and others posted on Instagram about MusicNomad:

"I'm very particular about cleanliness and quality. These guys knock it out of the park." 

Martyn Evans a Professional Touring Tech for many international bands said:

"As soon as I put these products into action it was clear to me that MusicNomad is a company that has had thorough experience in maintaining musical instruments. Well thought out and I really couldn't imagine using anything else. The Cradle Cube, Nomad Tool and The One Polish are just some of my favourites that are a must when it comes to working on guitars."

Eddie Marsh the Guitar Tech for both Iron Maiden and Steve Harris's British Lion project sent us some love:

"MusicNomad's product range is some of the best I've seen and used in years, whether it's using their guitar polishes or their innovative handy tech tools! MusicNomad is my go to Company."

Sean A. posted on Facebook about the Octopus:

"I got mine last week and it's awesome. Seems really sturdy and I've already used to to tighten up two different guitars. Freed up some room in the gig bag."

Tommy R had this to say about the Octopus:
"This is an amazing addition to my toolkit - this is going to make routine maintenance easier and super-fast. I'm going to order an extra for my gig tool kit and one for my home toolbox. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to do simple maintenance. Quality construction, all the sizes you'll need...this is already one of my go to set up tools."
Musician Adam M. posted on Facebook about the Octopus:
"Already used mine to fix my custom built that had a bad volume control....easy to use and no worries about scratching the surface. Needed this years ago."
Musician Dustin C. posted on Facebook about the Octopus:

"I just got one. Never looking back."

Gold Tone Music Group, a high quality maker of various String Instruments:

We now use MusicNomad's F-ONE Fingerboard Oil in the shop and highly recommend it.

Carl Harvey, guitarist for Toots and the Maytals after using our Grip Winder:
Just a note to say how much I love this Grip Winder. It makes changing strings so much easier and smoother. I didn’t think that it would make much of a difference, but it does. Kudos on a well made aid for guitar players and techs. I think I’ll have to get another one so I can always have one in my gig bag.
David from TRX Cymbals, maker of handcrafted Turkish Cymbals:

“We use NOMAD Cymbal Cleaner to touch-up and protect the finish of every TRX cymbal before it leaves our warehouse. The cleaner is acid-free, easy to use and really makes the cymbals shine. We highly recommend it for drummers who want to maintain the original sound and appearance of their cymbals, too.”

Guitar Tech, Chrys Roberts, who supports international touring acts dropped an email:
"Just wanted to say I love your products. Great stuff from polishes and oils to tools and gadgets."
Musician Art K. emailed us after using our products for the first time.
"In 40 years of playing you have the best cleaning products bar none!"
Patrice Vigier, an innovative and high quality guitar luthier that produces Vigier Guitars had this to say about the GRIP Winder:

It is simply the best I've ever seen............I LOVE it!

Musician Justin W. had this to say about our Cradle Cube neck support:

The Cradle Cube has instantly become a necessity. Best accessory created since the string winder. I seriously can't believe I ever got along with out this!

Tom Anderson of Tom Anderson Guitars, the well respected high quality Guitar maker, had this to say about the GRIP Winder:

"You guys constantly surprise me. Building a better mouse trap doesn't come close to how cool this stuff is. We recently got your new string winders, and I'm still giddy using it, it has bearings inside! The rest of the guys here want the electric screwdriver version, but i'm keeping the manual one because it feels so good to use. I told the guys here that i was going to spend the day changing strings on all my guitars just for fun. Keep the cool stuff comin'."

Deering Banjos, The Great American Banjo Company had this to say about our GRIP Winder:

"We instantly loved the GRIP Winder the first time we used it on our Banjos. It’s a high quality product! The dual bearing comfort handle was so smooth when winding. Also the versatility of the peg head design allowed it to fit on our smallest and biggest tuners. Thanks for your great design MusicNomad.”  

Justin Stabler, Guitar Tech for Ms. Lauryn Hill, Hall & Oates had this to see about TUNE-IT:

I have to say, Tune It is AWESOME !! I've tried a number of different lubricants and by far this makes a huge difference. Very impressed.

SF Guitarworks, a respected top Guitar Repair Shop (San Francisco, CA) has this to say about FRINE:

"We've been using the MusicNomad fret polish for a while now, and are really happy with the performance. The frets shine up well, it doesn't mar lacquer, and is colorless on dark wood.  We like it!"

Gary Brawer, owner of Brawer Repair, one of the most respected guitar repair shops in the world said this about our GRIP Winders:

"It's way nicer than anything out there. It's nice and smooth and feels solid gripping the tuners. I haven't found a tuner yet it does not fit"

Third Coast Guitar Repair (Chicago, IL), one of the top repair shops on TUNE IT,

"We use it and it works quite well, a great addition to your line." 

Joel Grant at Grant Guitars, a well respected west coast repair shop on TUNE IT,

"A lot of what I have tried in the past kills the tone, and we have found TUNE IT does not dampen the tone at all while keeping the guitar in tune longer." 

Joe Glaser of Glaser Instruments (Nashville, TN) on TUNE IT

“This is our preferred nut and saddle lube after trying all the usual suspects.  It minimizes friction nicely, doesn't build up and, most importantly, does not affect the sound or sustain of the strings.”

Justin Stabler Gutair Tech for Hall & Oates, Ms. Lauryn Hill and others had this to say about our Guitar ONE:

My first impression was shocking! The ONE polish lifted dirt and grim off the guitars that I didn’t even realize was there (mind you, I clean these guitars daily!!!). The second thing I immediately noticed was that there was little to no streaking or smudge marks after wiping the guitar down. By the end of the tour, I wasn’t trying to move the guitars around under the light to see if I missed a spot, it saved me a lot of time. Which is important when dealing with a lot of guitars! 

Aaron "The N Turn" Mrozik, the Guitar Tech, Stage Manager for Justin Moore said:

"From rough to smooth, MusicNomad is the best on all surfaces" 

Chris at Third Coast Guitar Service, one of the most respected repair shops in the world, had this to say about our Premium Work Mat:

"We just started using the MusicNomad mat about a month ago and now it is on every guitar bench in our shop. With 10 techs working on over 100 guitars per week, we needed something that has a good grip, but wouldn't bite into finishes. The MusicNomad mat is perfect for what we do. They're a good size, long enough to reposition the guitar in a neck rest without repositioning the mat.  It's easy to dump debris off, brush it off, or vacuum it off.  It's easy to see and remove globs of solder, screws, wire etc that might scratch a guitar.  Impervious to naptha, acetone and zip kicker."

j.amahl posted on Instagram about our String Fuel:

"I love this stuff, my strings lasted an extra 2 months using this"

Posted on our Facebook page by musician Jesse Dean Austin about our String Fuel:

"Just used it last night after a gig. This product is a no brainer if you don't have a strong endorsement! I can now get three or four shows out of a set of strings. Before I tried it I was maybe getting two."

MusicNomad was awarded NAMM’s Prestigious Best in Show Award for Best Accessories and Add-on in Jan 2013. Panelist Donovan Bankhead had this to say about us.

This is a top-quality product with nice margins for retailers. It is light years better than anything you have on your showroom floor right now.

Tom Anderson Guitars (Newbury Park, CA), one of the world's finest feeling, playing and sounding electric guitars

We've been using MusicNomad’s F-ONE Oil for a while now and love what it does for the fingerboard. It’s very easy to use and reasonable in cost. Highly recommend it.

Michael Mills, Quality Assurance Manager, at Cordoba Music Group (Oxnard, CA)

Here at Cordoba, we’re big fans of the Guitar Detailer in our shop. It is our favorite polish for our satin finish Cordoba instruments.

Dave Smart (Smart Guitars) a well trusted and respected UK luthier/repair centre said

Having been in the guitar repair and sales business for nearly 30 years I can honestly say that I've never come across a better guitar cleaning and maintenance range than MusicNomad. Every product more than lives up to it's promises. Not only that, they're eco friendly and smell great too!

Jason at Kala Ukuleles (Petaluma, CA) a leading Ukulele Manufacture said

We are now using the F-ONE fingerboard oil in our factory. We also use it on our Pau Ferro fingerboards. It works great for that, too! We are using the Guitar Detailer for our satin finishes.

Rick McCollum of Montana Guitar Shop.......handmade heirloom acoustic guitars...... said

It's nice to find guitar care products that REALLY are better! I've tried many guitar formulas.....I believe MusicNomad doesn't cut you short on the key ingredients.......good stuff

Total Guitar a leading International Guitar Magazine gave our F-ONE a the highest 5 Star rating.
Elliot Guitars, a custom guitar luthier and repair shop in North Carolina that builds Peter Stroud Signature guitars said:

We are big fans of MusicNomad. We use and recommend your great products.

Buchanan Music, a dealer in Mesa, AZ emailed this.

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you a small story. A high-end customer of mine with a 52 Fender Tele Reissue bought a guitar and noticed the case and guitar smelled like Cigar Smoke. In an effort to it freshen it up, he sprayed Febreeze in the case and directly on the guitar. The Febreeze left streak marks in the Nitro. The customer tried his own Polish to no avail. The streaks were not coming out. I receive a call from my customer and I tell him to meet me at the shop in 20 minutes. Between the MusicNomad All in one and the Polish, we were able to remove any streaks in the guitar left from the Febreeze. It worked when the others couldn't.

Josh Smith, guitarist for Australian based band called Northlane, had this to say about our String Fuel:

I was recently introduced to your string cleaner when I was on tour in the US and absolutely love the stuff… I think the philosophy behind what you guys are doing is fantastic, and I’ve never used a cleaning product that smelled so damn good! (or worked so well for that matter).

Don, owner of DB Music & Sound (Hesperia, CA) had this to say about our Humitar Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Our store is located in a year round dry climate with low humidity and we have been testing MusicNomad’s Humitar Humidifier the last two months and it’s lasting 2 to 3 times longer then other products and with less hassle. It’s simple to use and a great product. I’ll be switching my customers to the MusicNomad Humitar.

Our Nomad Tool was featured in the August 2013 New Gear Section of Guitar Player Magazine 

Click here to view the article

The Humitar Acoustic Guitar Humidifer was reviewed in the October 2013 Guitar Player Magazine:

“Ya gotta love butt-simple solutions to critical needs, and the Humitar offers an easy and elegant way to keep the wood on your treasured acoustic guitars from drying out and cracking” Click on link for full review. 

Click here to view the article

Jacob Lin a Professional Guitar Tech in Taiwan had this to say about our products:

I am a professional guitar technician. I've always been searching for the best instrument care products during my years of practice in guitar repair and maintenance. Ever since I started to use MusicNomad products, I don't think I'll consider any other brands. MusicNomad products have fulfilled all requirements of my work. All my clients have praised the good results, and MusicNomad is indeed the best of its kind I've encountered!

A Musician in Switzerland emailed:

I am the proud owner of a Gibson ES-175 Semi-Acoustic. I bought not long ago the cleaning set from another brand. When using the other brand product, it left a film on my ES-175 and all the rubbing and polishing in the world would not take away that film or fog on the otherwise almost mirror-like surface of that guitar. Today, I bought your 5-piece Care Pak and I started using “The guitar ONE” All I can say is that I am overwhelmed with the result and so is my guitar. It is absolutely perfect and it does not leave behind the film/fog like the other brand did. Well done, MusicNomad Team, for having created a superior guitar care product. I can recommend it to all my other friends who own guitars.

Drummer Ben Butterworth had this to say about our cymbal cleaner:

To whom it may concern at musicnomad I’ve been a drummer for 15 years tried ever cymbal cleaning product...... To my surprise was a little iffy about your product so bought it a week ago and have cleaned about 16 of my cymbals even one that I haven’t been able to get to look like the day it was bought..... I’m sold and hooked on your product the very best I’ve ever used period no joke you will have a customer for life!!!! I even have some mini hats I bought new never hit or touched and they look better now than when I bought them!!!! Outstanding product thank you from one metal head to another. 

Shawn, owner of the guitar maker Steen Guitars (Walnut Creek, CA) had this to say about our products:

They are the best products I have found to clean and restore all types of finishes

Vigier Guitars (France), pioneers of carbon fiber technology, are proud to announce the exclusive partnership with MusicNomad Equipment Care for finishing and maintenance of our guitars. Master luthier, Patrice Vigier, explains why he is so excited about this partnership:

For 30+ years, I have tried product after product to clean our painstakingly applied finishes. From traditional guitar polishes, to household and industrial cleaning products. In all this time I have never found a product that was as effective and eco-friendly as MusicNomad. Vigier Guitars is happy to use MusicNomad products exclusively for all our instrument care needs!

Click here to view the ad

Crush Drums, a respected maker of premium drums sets, recommends our Drum Detailer for care of their Drums. 

13 Street Guitar Repair (Huntington Beach, CA) one of the most respected Southern California Repair Shops had this to say:

Hey Guys, we've been using your F-ONE Oil down here at 13th Street Guitars on a daily basis. After trying everything on the market and being disappointed again and again... we finally found something that does the job right. We've even tried the "high-end" stuff with disappointing results. To find something that is affordable and great at the same time is cool. We're also impressed by the performance of this Guitar Polish. It's been getting little marks and scratches out of guitars left & right. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Drummer Robert John of the Warehouse Band emailed us his thoughts on our Cymbal Cleaner

To whoever created this stuff.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
Second to none. BY FAR the very best I've used and will never , EVER, purchase any other brand of cymbal cleaner again. I'm not much into usually giving free endorsements but if you knew of all the cleaners I've used to no avail until I found your product you would understand.

John Mooy, guitar tech for many artists including George Benson, Jimmy Messina said

I have been a Guitar tech for over 3 decades and have tried every cleaner on the market. All I can say is - THANK YOU! I travel with and care for guitars that are historically significant and need constant upkeep due to the demanding schedules of my Artists. Your "One" polish is simply incredible!

MacNicols Guitars a dealer (Salt Lake City, UT) had this to say about our Nomad Tool

The Nomad Tool is great as a string cleaner, but also works wonders cleaning underneath the strings near the bridge, as well as other hard to reach areas. The fine, ultrasoft brush fibers are great for cleaning tuning pegs, bridge pin areas, and other spots. The brush also is the best "amp duster" I've come across. I recommend the Nomad Tool to any guitarist.

Legendary Guitar Builder Mark Lacey of Lacey Guitars said:

I have been building high end custom guitars for over 38 years and I have to say that your guitar polish and guitar wax are the best products I have ever used! 

Sound Beach Music in Long Island, NY blogged about our Guitar ONE:

This is hands down the best polish anyone here at the store has ever used. It has quickly become the de facto standard cleaner for all product pictures and high end instruments in the store. I know what you're thinking: "How much better can this polish be than any other polish?" Let me put it to you like this. Imagine every other polish is a Toyota. They're reliable and certainly get the job done. MusicNomad Guitar ONE polish? A Ferrari. No, a gold plated Ferrari. 

David Clemons a musician in Indianapolis, IN emailed us:

I bought a bottle of The Guitar One product and it is really good! I’ve retired my Fender guitar polishing products and will never go back to them… Thanks for a great product! 

Matt’s Music, Stage and School in Templeton, CA said:

We've been using MusicNomad products exclusively for all instrument cleanings now for over 6 months and absolutely love the performance of all the products. Why do we use MusicNomad products? Because they work really well and easy! The Guitar One in particular excels at ease of use while providing wax protection and no sore muscles trying to disperse the wax. And you generate a wonderful shine in record time, no B.S.! Oh, and it smells really good. Use it in your store and the smell alone will get customers asking what it is you're using. An easy sell! 

John MacLean a musician from New York emailed us:

Yeah I like the polish, that’s true. But as far as I am concerned your product has saved my 1981 Les Paul. That’s right it did!! I’m sure you are well aware of those Nitro finishes & over time those necks can get tacky. Through the years it got worse and worse used lots of different products but in the end would pretty much polish well and get anywhere from a half hour to a hour out of it before it got tacky and had to polish and buff again. I guess I pretty much accepted is as nature of the beast. Then I used your product, Pro Strength Guitar Polish!! When I applied it to the neck at first I thought it was stripping the paint the polishing cloth was kind of dirty. And then I realized it was cleaning like it has never been cleaned before years of dirt sweat imbedded into the finish and just being covered up and sealed in by other products through the years. After all of this was removed, that neck has not felt that good since the eighties. I now have a guitar, which sounds incredible, and is again a JOY to play like it hasn’t in a long time. Thank you! 

Dan Altilio Jr. from Top Gear Guitars (La Mesa, CA), One of the best repair shops in the west said

One of the few polishes that really works on Gibson Guitars

World Renown Drum Maker, DW Drums uses MusicNomad’s Drum Detailer as the final cleaning process:

"Here at the Workshop, we use MusicNomad Drum Detailer during final assembly (for Lacquer and FinishPly only) to give our drums that extra shine.”

Brian Meyers is a certified luthier and repair tech for a dealer, Lexington, KY -

I just wanted to contact you and tell you all that you have the best instrument care products I've ever used. I do not use any other products to care for my customer’s instruments nor do I endorse any other products other then MusicNomad. My store just received the F-ONE Oil today for the first time and once again you all have made an amazing product to condition and care for instruments. I love your products and will continue to support MusicNomad. Thank you.

Sal Tine is owner of a high end repair shop, The Guitar Fix, New York

I wanted to take a second to tell you I love all the products I purchased. I have used them since I got the delivery and they are all GREAT. I also have a few customers who specify that I use lemon oil, I talked them into trying the F-ONE oil, and they have since contacted me to RAVE about it!! I am proud to be part of the MusicNomad team!

George Mather, a repair technician emailed us about our F-ONE oil:

I used the F-ONE oil in my repair shop. I finished a fret job on a maple neck that was in need of cleanup. I only used a few drops and was surprised on how well it cleaned up the smudges and remnants of the fret work that could have stained the neck. I have also noticed that new maple guitars seem to feel or have a chalky layer on the neck. I used, again, a small amount of F-ONE and to my amazement it not only removed the chalky feel from the neck, the luster of the neck became apparent. This is a great product and I will continue to use it on my guitars in the shop and my personal collection.

Ron Kuliner, a musician who used our product said:

Just wanted to let you know that I was wondering if you guys made a detailing spray, I went to your web site and saw that you do make it. I was thrilled since I love your polish and microfiber towel. I went out to my local guitar shop and bought the spray as well. The product is fantastic and love the way it removes fingerprints, dust and grime. Everyone should be using your amazing line of products, which I will be using for as long as I play guitar!

Shawn May a repair technician at a dealer (Canton, MI) said about our Guitar ONE:

I'm writing in regards to "The Guitar One" spray wax. I do a lot of set ups on my customers and my own instruments and this is by far the best product I have used for the finish. And on top of being a great product, it smells great! I now make it a point to ask the customer what kind of care products they use and ALWAYS recommend your products.

Carl Harvey, guitarist for the legendary Reggae band Toots and the Maytals recently stopped by our booth unsolicited at NAMM and had this to say about our product:

I have been using MusicNomad's Guitar Detailer for the past year. I've used it on all my guitars, electric and acoustic and I can honestly say that it is the best product of its type that I've ever used. My guitars always look great and I never have to fear tossing my damp micro-fiber cloth in my gig-bag because the product smells great. It looks like I spent a lot of time polishing but in fact it takes a couple minutes. I recommend MusicNomad whole-heartedly and enthusiastically.

Scott Detwieler, a musician emailed us about his F-ONE Oil experience:

The MusicNomad F-ONE Oil is better THAN ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE TRIED for a variety of reasons.

1) after it dries, the fingerboard does not look and feel dried out. 

2) the thick consistency of the oil means that I can drop it on the neck without it running down the sides of the guitar and onto my pants. 

3) the applicator tip makes it easy to precisely apply the oil accurately without mess or waste. 

4) believe it or not, the shape of the bottle makes it easy to grab the bottle and apply it without worrying about the angle or side of the applicator. OTHER PRODUCTS COME IN A flat bottle with a "lotion-like" top/applicator. You press on the round top and a spout/hole opens up on ONE side of the bottle. If you grab it wrong, you have to put it down and grip it from the other side. When working on guitars, one hand is usually engaged in holding and stabilizing the guitar while the other hand reaches for tools, etc. The bottle/applicator of F-ONE Oil is a really great feature of the product.

5) it takes very little of the product to obtain the desired effect I am enjoying the product and will be using it exclusively on all of my guitars.

Kyle Woods who works at a Music Dealer in Wichita, KS

I'm a drum sales associate in Wichita, KS and I have to say how much I love your products. Your Cymbal Cleaner will take years of dirt and grime off of a cymbal and restore it to that new shine. I love it to the point that I even made a display showing what all it can do haha. And your Drum Detailer, is just absolutely amazing. I clean our ENTIRE drum department with it, not just the shells or the cymbals, but all the hardware, the glass, the computer screens, everything. It's an amazing product and we get complimented every day on just how clean everything is. I pitch your products to every person that walks through that door, and I just wanted to thank you guys for making truly good products, for a truly good cause. 

Tim McGann, a musician, e mailed us.

I just used the Cymbal Cleaner for the first time and I am very impressed. I usually loathe cleaning my cymbals but now I look forward to it. I have a pair of Zildian K Hi-Hat’s that were very dirty and looked awful. I applied the cleaner and when I saw the shine coming thru I stopped and held it up to the light and smiled and said “WOW!!” I ended up cleaning all my cymbals instead of just the Hi-Hat’s like I originally planned.

Mike Rose, Drum Department Manager at Centerstaging (Burbank, CA) which provides drum sets and equipment for all the late night TV talk shows & award shows said about our Drum Detailer

We use it on everything, and everyone loves it. We do so many TV gigs as well as live shows, our drums have to look great. With Drum Detailer, they do! I know it sounds like an ad, but it is really true. The results speak for themselves.

Ted Sieminski a musician emailed us about our Amp & Case Cleaner and Conditioner

I used your Amp & Case cleaner on my amp collection. It leaves the amps in like new condition with a nice natural finish, unlike the Armor-all type finishes. It works well with my AMPEG's Diamond blue covering and my old Gibson's heavy burlap style covering not to mention Fender styles.

Kyle of Raritan Bay Guitar (Freehold, NJ), the largest repair shop in the nation,

We love Guitar ONE and all our guys use it!

Paul Tobias of Tobias Music (Downers Grove, IL), one of the most respected Guitar dealers in the Midwest was quoted in Music Inc magazine saying

One product that we want to display is the MusicNomad Guitar Care products. These guys sent us some samples of their polishes, cleaners, and polishing cloths, and we were very impressed. They products have great packaging and are reasonably priced. They will be a perfect add on or last minute holiday gift. 

Guitar Repair Tech Mark S. of Chuck Levins (Maryland)

We have tried every polish over the years and this is the best polish we have ever used. The first time we used The Guitar ONE with your Microfiber Suede Polishing Towel it blew us out of the water. We took an old black dirty guitar and gave it a showroom finish in minutes.

Joe Glaser Repair, one of the most respected guitar repair shops in the US based out of Nashville, TN tried our product and said

This is great stuff. It exceeded our expectations and it is now on every repair bench in our shop.

David T. of Morrison Brothers (Dealer in Mississippi)

We just got the samples, I used some on a black guitar, and it made it look like black glass, very impressed!

Stephen Gallagher of Gallagher Guitars (Wartrace, TN) who custom crafts acoustic guitars since 1965 said

It’s the only product we endorse, sell and use in our shop.

Gary Brawer Repair (San Francisco, CA), one of the most respected guitar repair shops in California said

When stacked up against the cleaning & polishing products we have been using for years, MusicNomad products worked better and faster and we are now using them on all our work.

Kala Ukulele, the internationally known Ukulele manufacturer, said

We use MusicNomad’s Guitar One polish every day, all day here at the Kala workshop for ukuleles and basses. Guitar ONE is a great way to add the final touch to an instrument if you want it to have the professional look. It also adds a soft, glassy feel to the instrument, especially on gloss finishes. It works great for prepping a finish for quick passes on the buffing wheel and does wonders for satin finishes. Great work, MusicNomad!

Guitar Player Magazine Holiday 2010 Issue featured The Guitar ONE and our Microfiber Suede Polishing Towel and this is what they said

One-stop shopping for guitar cleaning, polishing, waxing, and protecting, the Guitar ONE ($10.99 retail) is a biodegradable, eco friendly way to get a “show perfect” shine in one easy step. Armed with their microfiber cloth ($6.99 retail), I sprayed a particularly grungy guitar, applied some elbow grease, and viola! It was gleaming. The stuff even smells nice too.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine November 2010 Issue featured our products and this is what they said

Available for various cleaning and polishing applications. Developed with a concern for being friendly to instruments and the environment. In stores now starting at $8.99.

During our extensive research, we gave Jim, a Guitar Repair Tech, our products to use for 3 months where he repairs, re-strings and cleans over 200 guitars a month. This is what he had to say about our products.

By far the best products I have ever used. The Guitar Polish and Guitar Wax goes on and off easily and leaves a really silky smooth finish while some polishes and waxes you have to really scrub. The smell is amazing on all the products. I have customers that just want it because of the smell and then they see the end result and they want it even more.”

We gave Elvis, a seasoned 20-year Drum Pro and also a drum specialist at Guitar Center while not on tour, where he has used every cleaner out there and this is what he said about our Drum Detailer and Cymbal Cleaner.

The Drum Detailer gets off fingerprints from my Cymbals better than any other product I have used. The MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner is the best way to turn sh*t work into aroma therapy.

We gave Mark, a 25-year plus Guitar Player, our products to use and this is what he had to say about the Guitar ONE

Finally a product that combines cleaning, polishing and waxing all in one step. Thanks you just saved me time and my guitar has never looked better and the product smells great !

During our extensive research, we gave an Independent Instrument Retailer and Repair Shop our product to use for 5 months.

We love the product and use it on all our repair work or when we recondition an instrument. It’s the best stuff we have ever used. Can’t wait for you guys to finish your testing so we can get it in our store to use as well as get our customers to start using it.

Reverend Guitars, a high end maker of Guitars and Basses, says

MusicNomad products are THE state of the art polishes for the guitar industry today. Designed for modern finishes, it works better than the best high-end automotive products, and it's environmentally friendly!

An enthusiastic user that emailed us after the first time he used our Guitar One

Wow!!!!!! My name is Jesse Slater and I am a faithful customer of David and the guys at Morrison Brothers in Mississippi. Dave told me about (The Guitar One) and all I could say was WOW after trying it and seeing for my self what it did for my Black Beauty. I was sold on the other polish we will not call names (form. 65) but now, well I haven’t had anything this good since black gold you know Texas T. I just wish the guys at Morrison Brothers would take back the unused other stuff. Thanks again MusicNomad and Morrison Brothers you guys put the shine back in my eyes.

DRUM! Magazine Wrote a Great Review of Our Drum Products check it our here

Tim F. is in charge of casing at Knaggs Guitars hand made high end acoustic & electric guitars.

I've used a handful of cleaners & polishes during the course of my 10 years in the guitar business. Hands down, MusicNomad's Guitar One is the best! It goes on easily & smells great. But best of all it makes our guitars look and feel like silk! It gives the finish a 3D effect and the neck a smooth non sticky feel! It's liquid gold! Thank you guys!

My name is Tony Bigham, owner of Anthony's Woodwind Corner in San Rafael, CA

I have recently tried the Cradle Cube from MusicNomad.  It was originally designed for string instruments but I have found it to be perfect for propping wind instruments as well.  The angle is just right and the v-groove helps keep an instrument from rolling off the cube, a very common problem when using a flat block.  The v-groove also helps hold the instrument in different rotations, not always possible with a flat block. While the flat block is a very useful tool for many things, it is no match for the Cradle Cube when propping instruments.  I'm very happy to have the Cradle Cube as part of my work bench.  Thanks, MusicNomad!!

Guitar Tech, Janne "Mehtis" Metsola(Twisted Sister, Apulanta)

A colleague of mine introduced me to MusicNomad products and I was immediately blown away. Guitars shine and my customers are super happy. Mega awesome!

Musician Mike McKaigg had this to say about our T-Slide Lubricant for Trombones

I've been using the T-slide lubricant on my trombone the last few weeks and I love it. I don't even need to spray any water on the slide and it moves completely free of any friction. Great stuff!

Jim Prater, Roberto-Venn School Of Luthiery said

"We've found MusicNomad's high quality products to be the perfect solution to keeping your instruments clean, protected, and set up for maximum playability"

Fox Products Corp, manufacturer of high quality bassoons and oboes said

We really like the Lacquer Polish for cleaning the wood bodies of the bassoon. It cleans off all the grime and doesn’t leave fingerprints on the clean surface when we're finished. Your Silver Polish cuts right through the tarnish and leaves a clean smooth feel on the keys. It doesn’t feel  gritty at all like some polishes we have used.

Steven Pulley of Saving Abel said:

"Hands Down the Very Best Cymbal Cleaner I've ever used!"

Mike Bennett, Manager-Piano and Organ Sales at Saied Music Company (Tulsa, OK)

Having worked in the piano business for 34+ years, I have tried many different piano polishes. Both of your polishes do a great job, but I have never seen a polish remove fingerprints, oil and grime from satin finish like your KEY ONE polish does; and it dries with no residue or film left over! Thanks for making a great product

Hugh Thomas from 13th Street Guitars, a well respected repair shop had this to say about our Cradle Cube:
So we've been using these Cradle Cubes throughout the shop for the past week. Everyone loves them. You guys put a lot of thought into the various heights and also the flat sides for laying guitars strings-side-down. This has proven to be much more effective than all of the home made wooden neck rests we've made here. The rubberized coating is nice and grippy without sticking. Preliminary testing shows it cleans up pretty well, too. We normally use cork, but it is porous and absorbs fine metal shavings, dirt, etc.. and needs to replaced from time to time. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone in need of a neck rest.
Marty of Motor City Guitar (Waterford, MI) emailed us:

In almost 30 years in the guitar business, I've never heard so many people talk about cleaning products!  MusicNomad has taken instrument care to a whole new level.  They obviously put a lot of thought and innovation into their products and have the quality to back it up.  There's a reason so many people talk about this works that good.