Acousti-Lok QuickSecure™ Conversion Kit

Item Number: MN274

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Innovatively Designed "Mushroom-Style" Button Converts any Acousti-Lok into a Non-Strap Lock Solution

Quick & Secure Way to Attach a Guitar Strap

Compatible with Part Numbers MN270, MN271, MN272

All Parts Included to Convert Including QuickSecure™ Button, Allen Wrench, Screw

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Product Story

Don't want to use strap locks on your acoustic guitar but want a quick, safe way to secure your strap? MusicNomad's QuickSecure™ Conversion Kit allows you to convert the Acousti-Lok Part Numbers MN270, MN271, MN272 into a non-strap lock button. Acoustic guitars where the strap button and output jack are combined are extremely difficult to securely attach the strap around the strap button. The QuickSecure™ "mushroom-style" button design finally gives you a quick and secure non-strap lock solution. 


MN274 FAQs


MN274 FAQs