Diamond Coated Nut Files

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16 pc. Complete Shop Set
6 pc. set Electric - Super Light Strings
6 pc. set Electric - Light Strings
6 pc. set Acoustic - Light/Med. Strings
5 pc. set Bass
Nut File Storage Case
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Product Story

MusicNomad’s patent pending Nut Files feature a revolutionary diamond coating & round “string-shape” blade design resulting in smooth, precision cuts. They cut & polish slots at the same time & do not drift like common toothed files. The industrial, even diamond coating cuts & polishes all the most common nut materials such as nylon, bone, graphite & TUSQ. They even work amazing on saddles. We added an ergonomic handle for total comfort & control of your cut, or you can remove the blade from the handle as an alternative cutting option. With 16 sizes to choose from starting with .010” up to .130”, they work great for electric, acoustic & classical guitars & even 5 string basses. That’s MusicNomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.

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Features & Benefits of MusicNomad's Diamond Coated Nut Files to Cut & Polish your Nut or Saddle
How to Measure Your String Height at the Nut & Use Nut Files to Lower Your Nut Height
How to Open (widen) your Guitar or Bass Nut Slot to Eliminate Pinging, Binding, and Tuning Issues


Geoff Luttrell, Owner-Guitar Tech of SF & Sonoma County Guitar Works had this to say about our Nut Files:

We have been testing daily the MusicNomad Nut Files for the last few months and as far as I am concerned they are a real GAME CHANGER. I have used everything out there. They do not skate, bend or break which are all issues with existing files and the diamond coating combined with the round blade design gives you smooth, precision cuts every time.  

Chris, owner and Master Guitar Tech of Third Coast Guitar Repair (Chicago, IL), a top USA repair shop, sent us his thoughts on our Diamond Coated Nut Files:
I can't believe how great these files are and the thought that went into their design. The price is so great we have 7 sets on pre order.The rigidity alone makes them better than any other nut file I have used. The diamond cut makes the file react to the pressure applied extremely accurately and there is no waste in the cutting surface. You don't have 6 inches of file that you only use 2 inches of. That and the fact that the cutting edge of the file is shaped like a string makes so much sense, I can't believe no one ever thought of it before.
Roger Sadowsky of the well respected Sadowsky Guitars had this to say about our Diamond Coated Nut Files:
"I have been waiting over 40 years for someone to make a nut file this good….especially for bass guitars! MusicNomad sent me a sample to evaluate and I could not be happier with the design and how well this file works. I was so impressed, I ordered 4 complete sets of guitar and bass files for myself and my crew."
Tom Reardon touring Guitar Technician for Pop Evil had this to say about our Nut Files:

"After years of using the “other guys” nut slotting files, I’ve officially retired them after using MusicNomad’s Diamond Coated Nut File set. They deliver the consistent quality needed for keeping my clients touring guitars in optimum playing condition and make nut adjustments / nut slotting a breeze"

Suhr, one of the finest makers of hand-crafted guitars, uses our Diamond Coated Nut Files in production and had this to say about them:
“These are stellar in every way."
Posted on Instagram by Luthier Peter N.

"It was time to retire yet another set of nut files. So I opted for the MusicNomad diamond nut files. Reasonably priced compared to some other brand diamond files. They also comes in a very practical storage box, thank you very much! I did a test run and they cut at least twice as fast as my old files. And I tested an almost unused gauge from the old set."

Russell Collins, Luthier & Master Instrument Technician at Collins Music had to say about our nut files:

I'd like to compliment MusicNomad on the shear excellence of design and quality.
They elevate ones ability, pleasure and quality of nut creation to it's full potential.

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