Guitar Wax - Highest Grade Brazilian Carnauba

Item Number: MN102  -  4 oz. (120ml)

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Uses Highest Grade White Brazilian Carnauba

Long Lasting Shine

Durable Protection

UV Protectant to Deter Sun Damage

Fills in Minor Imperfections

Restores Shine, Depth and Clarity

100% Non Abrasive

Smells Great

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

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Product Story

Simply wiping dust off your guitar can scratch like sandpaper, because dust is abrasive. MusicNomad's professional white Brazilian carnauba guitar wax delivers an acoustically transparent durable shield with a high gloss shine that protects your instrument's finish from moisture, salt(sweat) and dust. It fills in minor imperfections, restoring shine, depth & clarity to your guitar's finish. We even add UV protectants. It is 100% non abrasive. With MusicNomad the music never stops. 


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MusicNomad was awarded NAMM’s Prestigious Best in Show Award for Best Accessories and Add-on in Jan 2013. Panelist Donovan Bankhead had this to say about us.

This is a top-quality product with nice margins for retailers. It is light years better than anything you have on your showroom floor right now.

Legendary Guitar Builder Mark Lacey of Lacey Guitars said:

I have been building high end custom guitars for over 38 years and I have to say that your guitar polish and guitar wax are the best products I have ever used! 

During our extensive research, we gave Jim, a Guitar Repair Tech, our products to use for 3 months where he repairs, re-strings and cleans over 200 guitars a month. This is what he had to say about our products.

By far the best products I have ever used. The Guitar Polish and Guitar Wax goes on and off easily and leaves a really silky smooth finish while some polishes and waxes you have to really scrub. The smell is amazing on all the products. I have customers that just want it because of the smell and then they see the end result and they want it even more.”


MN102 FAQs