TUNE-IT - String Instrument Lubricant

Item Number: MN106  -  10mL/10cc

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Ideal for Nut Slots, Bridge, Saddle, String Guides and Any Moving Parts

Helps you Stay in Tune

Reduces String Breakage

Reduces Friction & Wear

Eliminates "Ping" Sounds

Petroleum & Silicone Free

Small Fine Tip Applicator Included to apply TUNE-IT in any hard to reach or tight areas

Odorless & Non-Staining

Non Melting, Water & Steam Resistant

Protects against Rust & Corrosion

Low Coefficient of Friction

Specially designed Syringe like Orifice Distributes Gel Evenly and Finite

Perfect for Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele

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Product Story

Stop tuning between every song! MusicNomad's TUNE-IT is your personal guitar tech to stay in tune longer & reduce string breakage. Our pro strength formulation is like no other & contains anti-wear, anti oxidants & anti corrosion additives fortified with PTFE. Odorless, non-staining & silicone free. Apply to Nut Slot, Bridge, Saddle and String Guides every string change. Most importantly, it does not affect the sound or sustain of the strings. Great for moving parts, such as open tuners & tremolo bars. A little goes a long way to help you sound the best. 


MN106 FAQs

Product Demo & How-To Advice

How to stay in tune longer & reduce sting breakage using TUNE IT


Joe Glaser of Glaser Instruments (Nashville, TN) on TUNE IT

“This is our preferred nut and saddle lube after trying all the usual suspects.  It minimizes friction nicely, doesn't build up and, most importantly, does not affect the sound or sustain of the strings.”

Joel Grant at Grant Guitars, a well respected west coast repair shop on TUNE IT,

"A lot of what I have tried in the past kills the tone, and we have found TUNE IT does not dampen the tone at all while keeping the guitar in tune longer." 

Third Coast Guitar Repair (Chicago, IL), one of the top repair shops on TUNE IT,

"We use it and it works quite well, a great addition to your line." 

Justin Stabler, Guitar Tech for Ms. Lauryn Hill, Hall & Oates had this to see about TUNE-IT:

I have to say, Tune It is AWESOME !! I've tried a number of different lubricants and by far this makes a huge difference. Very impressed.

String Theory Guitar Repair (Mount Juliet, TN) had this to say about Tune-It:

"I've used all the products out there that claim to lubricate string friction points on guitars. They've all worked ok but most leave residue, dry out or slightly dampen the strings. I started using this stuff in my guitar repair shop, String Theory Guitar Repair, and it's unlike any other product I have used before. A little goes a long way and I've already noticed that it all but eliminates return to pitch issues when using tremolos. I use it on every instrument that crosses my bench now. I use it on bridge saddle, nuts, string trees and even on the exposed gears in open back tuners. Great stuff!"

An Amazon review 9/9/19 had this to say about Tune-It:

"Using this on the nut made the difference between tuning every song and tuning every set."

Chris Davis, Luthier/Owner, BR Frets had to say about our TUNE IT lubricant:

"Just wanted to take a minute to tell you guys how much we love the Tune-It product. Our techs choose what products they want to use from the products we provide. Tune-it has made it onto every bench in the shop and is now part of every job we do that requires slacking the strings. We use it on acoustics and electrics in the nuts and on the saddles. Also the under side of string trees, especially helpful with trem systems. Helps guitars get in tune and stay in tune. Thank you for a great product."


MN106 FAQs